Please take a few minutes to urge the Mayor not to veto Budget Amendment 42L!

On Friday, November 8, the Milwaukee Common Council passed the 2020 Budget, including $240,000 for the Birthing Moms Pilot Project as part of omnibus budget amendment 42L. Mayor Barrett has until November 19 to decide whether to veto this amendment.

Please contact Mayor Barrett early this week by phone or email saying something to this effect: “Mayor Barrett, please do not veto budget amendment 42L which includes $240,000 for the Birthing Moms Pilot Project. This project will offer essential resources to protect 2,400 at-risk babies from lead poisoning.”

To contact Mayor Barrett by phone, call 414–286–2200.

Mayor Barrett’s email address is: (if you email Mayor Barrett, please copy his senior policy advisor, Aaron Szopinski, on your email: )

We’re close to a victory, but a veto by Mayor Barrett would be a huge setback. Please take a few minutes to urge the Mayor not to veto Budget Amendment 42L.

 -Rev. Dennis Jacobsen,

COLE Organizing Committee chairperson

From minutes of November 8 Common Council Budget Adoption meeting:

Amendment 42L Add a footnote to the Adminstration Director position in the Department of Administration, directing that the Administration Director to develop and present to the City of Milwaukee Page 10 COMMON COUNCIL Meeting Minutes November 8, 2019 Common Council a City budget public education and participation initiative. Add $240,000 to the Health Department for a Birthing Moms Pilot Project, $20,000 for a Trauma Informed Care marketing campaign. Add position, FTE, and funding for a Healthy Food Access Coordinator, add four FTE for Operations Driver Workers and necessary operating funds in Public Works to restore biweekly street sweeping service in the Combined Sewer Aerea, create an Earn and Learn Special Fund in the Department of City Development with $72,000 in funding, create a Reckless Driving Task Force Recommendations Special Fund in the Department of Public Works, increase litter can equipment budget by $128,000. Insert a footnote stating it is the intent of the Common Council to implement a workforce development plan with CDBG funding for a contracted litter can collection service. Create an Emergency Housing capital program for lead displacement, homelessness, and prostitution with funding of $300,000 in General Obligation borrowing. Offset new General Obligation borrowing by reducing Police Vehicle General Obligation borrowing. Offset the operation budget increases with a reduction in Police Overtime by $145,669. Replace $240,000 of cash revenues in the Lead Service Line Replacement Program with new borrowing. Eliminate the Bublr special fund in Transportation Fund and increasing the Transportation Fund transfer to the General Fund by $110,000. Increase Stormwater fee by an additional 1.15% for $433,600 and increase the Sewer Maintenance Fund transfer to the General Fund by $433,600. The intent is to have the Comptroller recognize $783,600 of revenue to offset the tax levy impact of this amendment. If the Comptroller does not recognize the revenues, the tax levy impact will be as stated. Ald. Kovac, Bauman, Rainey, and Johnson added as cosponsors.

This motion PREVAILED by the following vote:

Aye, 12 - Ald.Hamilton, Ald.Johnson, Ald.Kovac, Ald.Bauman, Ald.Dodd, Ald.Coggs, Ald.Rainey, Ald.Lewis, Ald.Murphy, Ald.Perez, Ald.Zielinski, Ald.Stamper

No, 3 - Ald.Donovan, Ald.Borkowski, Ald.Spiker

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