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January 2019 MKEN Coverage Report

Thanks to Milwaukee Enrollment Network for sharing their January report on coverage under Medicaid and in the market place. Note that enrollment is decreasing in several programs, and 70% of people who are uninsured in Milwaukee County are employed.

Click here to read the full report.

Highlights from this quarter’s coverage include:


About a third of Milwaukee County residents (32.8%), and half of all children (47.2%), are enrolled in a Medicaid program.
BadgerCare Plus child enrollment decreased this quarter in Milwaukee County and statewide.
As of December 2018, 48,147 childless adults are enrolled in BadgerCare Plus in Milwaukee County. The number of people enrolled is down 8,543 enrollees since its peak in March 2015.


Wisconsin experienced a 9.0% decrease of enrollment in the ACA Marketplace during the six-week open enrollment period for calendar year 2019 plans compared to the open enrollment period for calendar year 2018 plans.
(County level data should be available by March 2019.)


Based on most recently available data (year end 2017), 67,807 people, approximately 7.2% of the Milwaukee County population are uninsured.
Approximately 57.8% of the people who are uninsured are below 200% FPL; About 17,000 Milwaukee County residents have incomes below 100% FPL and should likely qualify for Medicaid or BadgerCare.
70% of people who are uninsured in Milwaukee County are employed.

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