Survival Coalition Call-in Days: what to keep, change, and add to the state budget for people with disabilities

The Joint Finance Committee has finished its work; the state budget must now be approved or amended further by the full State Senate and State Assembly. This is an important time to be in touch with your State Senator and Assembly Representative about your priorities for the state budget.

Survival Coalition is hosting call-in days this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for people with disabilities, family members and disability allies to call their state Senator and State Representative. The Legislature is scheduled to vote on the budget the week of June 24.

You can use the Legislative Hotline (1–800–362–9472) to connect directly with your state Senator and State Representative. For a full directory of state legislators, go to:

Let them know the good things that should be kept in the budget, what needs more funding, and what should be added to the budget: see attached graphics with details or click on the links below:

Tuesday, June 18: Keep It In

Wednesday, June 19: We Need More

Thursday, June 20: Add What’s Missing

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