Healthy Snacks for Working People

Introducing Caroline’s Raw Vegan Cuisine For Healthy Snacks Making Hard Workers Smarter Workers

Dear Josh and Martha,

Martha—Josh has given me a budget to begin a healthy snacks for hard workers becoming smarter workers. I hope to talk with you about Martha’s Mighty Fine Foods and this venture, which I hope to introduce to the local distributor of a global, Paris based company that Josh has deep ties with.

I hope to introduce this project to you sometime, perhaps with Caroline, and someday even Josh, if the stars align, perhaps a short visit at the Coop or Alterra on Humboldt to brainstorm. I also hope to introduce this project to the heroes of UW Extension, Emmanuel’s Chicago SWF teams, and Megan’s Currency Cafe.

Here is a picture of Caroline’s response to what I thought might be some worthy drinks for the crews we are hoping to provide with healthy food tasty enough that it competes with Red Bull, Cigarettes, and McDonald’s.

Below is Caroline at our meeting at The Juice Kitchen at 17th and North Ave. followed by images of the deeply positive response to her Cashew Veggie Spread, from the manager, Arthur Cameron, and a customer, Sphinx barber proprietor Ronald Manning.

Juice Kitchen’s Arthur Cameron Said “We Wouldn’t Be So Angry” If We Had Food Like Caroline’s and Juice like The Juice Kitchens

Phinx Barber Shop’s Ronald Manning Hopes Caroline Will Introduce His Clients to Cashew Veggie Spread and More!

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Grant Concept For Saint-Gobain & Certainteed Foundations

Goal: Green Workforce Development, Lifelong STEM Learning, Public Health Pilot Experiment: Beginning With Healthy Snacks

Re-imagining green workforce development with an “integral” focus on existing artisinal crews and networks, sparking healthier diets, starting with workplace snacks, and healthier life-styles enhanced with life-long STEM training, starting with off season urban agriculture and aquaponics experimentation.

Roberto Alba Of Superior Roofing Solutions With Community Guild Network Healthy Snack #2

Roberto Alba Of Superior Roofing Solutions With
Community Guild Network Healthy Snack #2

Means: Providing building crews with tasty, healthy snacks as alternatives to fast food, Red Bull, and cigarettes throughout the workday, with low keyed conversations and reading materials in support.

Arthur Camberon and Armon Of Juice Kitchen Preparing Snack #3

Arthur Camberon and Armon Of Juice Kitchen Preparing Snack #3

In the off season, introducing crews to STEM skills development via partnerships with local schools with edible classroom and aquaponics projects underway.

Healthy Snack #1.  Apples & Almonds

Healthy Snack #1. Apples & Almonds

Proposed Pilot Project Partners: Community Roofing & Restoration, Sweet Water Foundation, University of Wisconsin Urban Agriculture Extension, Parkside School for the Arts, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Milwaukee School of Engineers, Green Schools Alliance, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Food Systems Lab, Artist Muneer Bahauddeen

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