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School Projects Prepare Aquaponics Demo Workshop Presenter

I am working with some ecopreneurs on “Hamlet Home Food For Peace Gardens.”

Such homes would become fields for hands on learning, for young and old,]

How Long Before Your Project Manifests 5 Student Aquaponics Demo Workshop Presenter

Cullen Bosworth Urban Farmer

Social Learning Networks For Resource Management & Education: A Focus On Old House Transformations

So I and “partners” are exploring a project I hope will share the bounty of
science enhanced, digitally connected urban agriculture in service to the renewal of old American(and perhaps beyond) cities and urban/rural partnerships. I hope you and many others will join in an email brainstorm and wiki open source chronicling, God willing.

There are two old 100+ year old homes under consideration for this experiment. One is in a primarily European American neighborhood in Bay View, Milwaukee.

Euclid Brisbane House

Orrin Williams Reflections

These kind of projects are near and dear to my heart. In my mind my brother the as in the title “renaissance” is what is needed. A hands on approach that reinvigorates human involvement directly in their lives to counter the destructive nature of the corporate machine; more people back on the land (doing aquaponics as well) in urban and rural communities; rebuilding our houses and commercial buildings and reactivating space. These projects provide a spine chilling glimpse into the restoration of the human spirit and community. I applaud this initiative.

Lotus Blossom and Evolved Cultural DNA


10,000 are assembling by 2045 as “partners” in social learning network adventures and experiments for divining the cultural DNA for Homes With A Thousand Faces and 100th Birthday celebrations.

I wonder how long it will take us to co create Lotus Blossom Homes on South Side of Chicago and the South Side of Milwaukee.

The homes and old buildings that incubated the South Side Chicago Lotus Blossom industry.

Can we connect 100 Chicago boomers to join 100 students to explore this and 100 other unusual but lovely, utopian, perhaps pragmatic, visions?

May I share your inspiring and elegant words and include in your title President Emeritus” of SWF?

First President Emeritus is Viet Nam veteran Howard Hinterthuer, my Ho and droll prophet. Met Ho yet?



I love the lotus blossom metaphor, it is also an important symbol in Buddhism. The whole beautiful blossom emerging from the mud and muck. Also if I’m not mistaken it had similar significance in Ancient Pharaohnic Egypt, anyway it works.

The 100 + 100 metaphor is great as well it reminds me of the each one, teach one narrative that came out of the community back in the 60s and 70s. I think it has national and transnational implications and forms the basis for developing a transformation and sustainability network that could work on developing new to use the term you used and what I would call an “evolved cultural DNA”. The evolved cultural DNA encompasses the broad use of the word cultural In that it is expressed and manifest in our social, psychological, economic, spiritual and artistic visions, systems and work.

Muneer Bahaudeen Peace Post

Muneer will bring paper for intention/vision scroll making, clay, tools and paint for mosaic tile making… his great spirit and gifts as an artist to guide participants.

Melody Todd often uses a tibetan singing bowl to bring quiet to a room… Maybe, after the last note of music, we could ask her to do that, as a moment of transition from the fullness of words and ideas, to clear the air and to create a quiet space for people to write their ideas/intentions on little scrolls of paper. Then, Muneer and Melody would collect the writings and “Invest them” in paraffin wax to seal the intentions. After that… people would be asked to come to the tile making work area to have at it with the clay. Stay as long as needed to finish their tiles, and leave (or stay for dinner), as they choose.

The heavy lifting Riverwest Harambee Elders Young? have stories for all!

A Citizen Sensing House?

Please describe how you will help the program participants increase their aptitude and knowledge of technology

In introducing the AQUAPONS leaners to citizen sensing (systems thinking for sustainability in a networked age), they will learn about mobile technology, sensor technology, data collection, data analysis, visualization, crowd-sourcing, data infrastructure, geography and networks. All of these areas are transferable skills within the scope of technology literacy. Participants in the program will learn about how the tools work for collecting and sensing data, and also the technology that allows them to share the data with other participants and other aquaponics system, while collecting measuring their community assets. Using information flow to enable learning aquaponics reinforces the concepts of aquaponics by showing the interdependencies within the system. This allows the participants to also reinforce their learning of the technology through their data collection on the aquaponics system.

From Emmanuel Pratt

What’s In A Name: Euclid and Brisbane



Brisbane Hall

Built by Victor Berger after 1910, for unions, socialist party, and newspaper, which had Carl Sandburg working on. 6th & Juneau, lasted 53 years, razes for freeway 1965.,1791835​

Albert Brisbane

Albert Brisbane (18091890) was an American utopian socialist, the chief popularizer of the theories of Charles Fourier in the United States in several books, notably Social Destiny of Man (1840), and in his Fourierist journal The Phalanx. He also founded the Fourierist Society in New York in 1839 and backed several other phalanx communes in the 1840s and 1850s, most lasted only a year. The longest lasting phalanx was The North American Phalanx which was located in Colts Neck, New Jersey and lasted for twelve years.[1]

He achieved a platform to espouse Fourier’s communitarian theories with the help of New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley, who was impressed by Brisbane’s ideas and allowed him to write a weekly article. In 1844, Brook Farm, already an established Utopian community in Massachusetts, converted into a Fourierist community based on Brisbane’s teachings.

His son was Arthur Brisbane (18641936), one of the best known American newspaper editors of the 20th century

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