Evelyn Terry Essay On Placemaking Birthdays


Reflections On 8/22 Bus and Street Party of 100 Names

Lol ! We enjoyed our brief time together on Saturday with you Old Mon and everyone else who accompanied you, That was Epic ! The best is yet to come Brother, and you are the main ingredient in this beautiful pot of gumbo you’ve created!! …..you’re the catalyst….

Hoped For Itinerary for 8/22 Street Party of 100 Names

God willing…

Sandy Syburg’s Purple Cow Bus Of Many Names Arrives

Noon Riverwest Coop

Please email for place on this bus which has 44 seats with 20 seats already committed


12:15. 2640 N 1st St.

Stop at Mother Clara and Touissant Harris’ Gingerbread Land First Street Renaissance Temple

12:30 2200 W. Fond du Lac

Fondy Market, Tommy Finlayson King and his drums picked up

12:45 2522 N 18th St.

Evelyn Patricia Terry file through at her Terry McCormick Gallery of Contemporary Fine and Folk Art and Evelyn explains her work on the bus past

1:10 2700 W. Lisbon

Maybe pick up Darrell E Pate(Dep) and ?? at Deps Hall of Fades

1:20 3330 W. Lisbon

Walk through of Muneer Bahaudeen’s Ogbe Meji Ceramic Art Studio and Amaranth Urban Sanctuary

2:00. Old Main at Soldiers Home Reef National HIstoric Landmark

2:30 325 E. Euclid and Brisbane

Street Party of 100 Names
Food, drink, music, soap box moments

Muneer Peace Post Workshop
Heart Haus Tours
Volleyball, basketball, and games guests bring

Music includes Tim Green DJ and maybe Max sits in

Howard Hinterthuer and James Julius Anderson and others who might show up

Holly Haebig and Dena Aronson will be playing between 4 and 5.

3:30 Bus drop off or pickup at Coop

3:35 2725 B N Pierce

Cheryl Sitzler Ubuntu Cottage and Artwork gallery file through

4:00 to 4:15.

Return or Pickup To Gingerbread, Evelyn’s, Deps, and Muneer’s

5:30 Bus Leaves 325 For Return Trips To Riverwest, Harambee, and Walnut Hill Amaranth Sites

I and my children, grand children, and sisters and families will probably be on the first bus rounds and at the Street Party from 2:30 to 6 pm, God willing, and most likely in the main

I am hoping to be blessed with 10 such street celebrations and imaginary 70th birthday celebrations expanded to include other reasons, why not yours(!) to celebrate through 2025. Then an 8oth, and 10 trials of imaginary 8oths, etc. on up to my 100th, only by the grace of God, last half of August 2045.

It’s social performance street parties for the good cause and fun, methinks and hopes.

What Are Some Of The 100th Names of the Euclid Brisbane Block Party?

For me, they include the 40th anniversary of Community Roofing & Restoration, the 10th anniversary of the Milwaukee Renaissance On Line Mag, the 5th anniversary of the Sweet Water Foundation, the one year anniversary of the Heart Haus, and the first of 10 70th birthday celebrations I hope, God willing, to organize up through 2024. Sandy Syburg is donating a Purple Cow Organics, LLC bus for a Tommy Finlayson King Drum Bus Party beginning at the Riverwest Co-Op Grocery & Cafe at noon, heading over the Muneer’s Amaranth Urban Sanctuary studio, stopping by Evelyn Patricia Terry’s gallery, on to the Soldiers Home before the block party which starts around 2 or 3 p.m., 8/22/15.

Finlayson Many/One Drum(s) At Purple Cow Bus Party First Act

Noon Riverwest Coop

One Muneer’s Studio 34 and Lisbon

One Forty Five. Soldiers Home

Two Thirty 325 E. Euclid Ave

Maybe Bus rounds during celebration

Six. Bus Returns

Harvesting My Narcissism For Sister Mother Nature

So this will be the first of 10 70th birthday celebrations, the next, God willing, on the last Saturday of August, 2016, then the last Saturday of August, 2017, on up through 2025, at which point my 10 80th birthdays will be a reason for a block party of 100 names.

These parties are occasions for soap box moments, like at St. Patrick’s celebrations, to accelerate the movements for healing the people and healing the planet.


If you can’t make any of my 70th, 80th, and 90th birthday batches of 10, then the sacred shrooms at my 100th birthday will require parental or papal approval.


I remember somewhere discovering that Confucius was said to believe that by 70 there is no difference between our wishes and The Way. I am devoting a Season to plan for my 70th birthday party, with hopes that my wish and The Way harmonize for that occasion. I myself am not remotely competent to brainstorm, design, and orchestrate a birthday party that blends the ego of self surviving and celebrating 7 decades with the “eco of The Way.” But I am not an atom. I am not a monad. I am my relationships. And I am blessed with countless “partners” in this Earth venture; who I trust will help shape this moment, not just for my enjoyment and those in attendance, but also for those who too might wish to celebrate their 70th birthday parties in a way that manifests “The Way” as best as can be expected at this stage of our earth journey.

Sharing The Placemaking Birthday Story

Here are starter drafts of Facebook invite I sent individually to many of my facebook friends.

Please consider spending some time with good people, food, drink, and music at my 70th birthday celebration of 100 names, August 22, at 325 E. Euclid Ave. Sandy Syburg donating a bus to bring folks from other sides of town. Let your(our) friends know. And please rsvp at godsil.james@gmail.com. It’s dress rehearsal for my 100th birthday party or my wedding with eternity, whicheve comes first.

Here’s the house for what I hope will be a recipe for 100 70th birthday parties for new American dreams. http://wuwm.com/post/experiment-sustainable-urban-community-takes-root-bay-view

Birthday Celebrations for New American Dreams, i.e. Placemaking Birthdays

Here is first draft of Milwaukee Renaissance front page story of generalizing the concept of 70th birthday parties of 1,000 names.

  • boomer young collaboration experiments

  • discovering neighborhoods seeds for self-regeneration, i.e. weary houses into integral urban homes, empty lots into community gardens

  • Cool Buses that cross boundaries and weave associations

Real World Gathering of Sweet Water Agrarian Guild School

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 8:11 AM, James Godsil <godsil.james@gmail.com> wrote:

This invitation is good for, God willing, the next 36 years.
You can sign up anytime until 2045, unless you suffer some kind of collapse(or death)

Board members of the Sweet Water Agrarian Guild School(SWAGS) are paid,
According to “little red hen” principles. The greater the Board Member contribution
the higher will be the pay, as determined by a Board Committee.

We are aiming for a 36 member board, but only expect 5 or 10 board members to do much work. The worker board members will probably change from year to year, e.g. you might be a worker board member for a year or two but get burned out, bored, whatever…no problem. You are being invited to serve because your life’s work warrants as much. If all you can do to advance SWAGS is be a barely working Board Member who is serving the community in other ways, no problem! Having your name on the Board list and hoping you will recruit Board or Committee members, or share some good ideas for SWAGS projects
is good enough.

Board members are expected to attend at least one of the 4 yearly board meetings once every five years. The board meetings will be more like gatherings, with an emphasis on good food, beauty, song, dance, and ratification of tons of work that will done by project groups, committee members(150 aimed for), with a focus on on-line and in the real work rather than meeting work. If you have a good reason for inability to attend at least one board meeting during a 5 year period, no problem. But no excuses for
failure to attend at least one board meeting per decade.

The anticiapted 150 committee members will operate along many of the same principles.

Board members are to be paid for Board Work, but also committee or project work if they are so involved.

SWAGS will be a mixe model enterprise, with some for profit and not for profit projects.

Day to day decisions are the responsibility of the executive director, who is chosen every 2 years by the 5 or 10 Board workers, but ratified by the entire Board at one of the 4 board meetings.

Board meetings will take place on the equinox and solstice days, or as close to them as possible.

The vision and mission statement of SWAGS will be worked out over the next 5 years for formal presentation, (or sooner if moneys require as much). The encompassing vision of SWAGS has eyes fixed on the prize of advancing the good food movement with no geographical boundaries for projects, board, or committee memberships.

Board Members to Date

Carl Quindel: heads up ACTS West Housing,
helping renters become owners

Barb Basaj: solar energy professional

Charlotte Litjens: MA thesis on good food
movements of Detroit & Portland, works at Michael Fields

Christie Mole: co-organizer of Transitions
Milwaukee, communications for architecture firm

Danny Goldberg: member of MPS school board

Dr Dave, retired MD long key to food movement of

Emmanuel, film maker, doctoral candidate Columbia
University, dissertation on Green Renaissance of Industrial Cities

Erik Lindberg, Ph.D. English, award winning
restoration artisans, creator of world’s first roof top CSA farm

Fathi Zabaar, Tunisia born jurists working in
restorative justice movement

Fireball Communications, Victory Garden
organizer and caterer

Gretchen Mead, Victory Garden initiative founder

Harvey Taylor ,
Holly Haebig ,
Howard Leu ,
Howard Lewis Hinterthuer,
Janice Christensen ,
Janine Arseneau ,
Jason Haas ,
Jon Bales ,
“Kathryn (KT) Rusch”,
Marcia Lee,
Megan Wines-Godsil,
Patricia Obletz,
Paul Stafford,
“Tess Reiss:,
Theresa Kopac,
Tim Huth ,
Tom Schmitt,
Yvette Mitchell,
David Swanson
Tess Kenney ,
“Lance S. Weinhardt, Ph.D.” ,
Todd Leach,
“Rhonda Greenhaw Wood” ,
Mathibella Sebothoma

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