Heart House Co-Founder Ben Koller’s Work 2 Do Mayoral Prolamation

Heart House A New Key Focus For Ben

As Ben Koller said upon receiving a Proclamation for Work 2 Do
At an 88.9 radio gathering last night in the Stone Creek building…

“Break that line of segregation by simply reaching our a hand
and sharing a passion with a fellow Milwaukeean…

Activate that thing inside of you! Birth that idea!

Just do it! Paint the city your color!

Build upon the ancestors’ legacy!

Mayor Barrett Remarks re Ben Koller & Proclamation for Work 2 Do Campaign

Ben called by Barrett last night, as he delivered a proclamation before an inspiring polyglot gathering at Stone Creek Building in the 3rd Ward, “a force of nature…A one man energy machine…A child of a great Milwaukee family—Father Greg, Mother Judie, and Sister Anne—whose legacy Ben advancing…energizing and inspiring all who connect.

Ben’s Upon Receiving Proclamation

Create your own legacy!

Move Milwaukee into the future…Now!”

And I say, “Yes! Now! It’s time!”


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