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The internet provided a vital resource for my healing from a host of traumas that almost did me in, literally. In 1998 Judy Wines, the mother of my 3 children Megan, Joseph, and Bridie, returned to God, as did my best buddy, Ted Seaver, about half year later, soon followed by one of my only 2 brothers-in-law(I have no biological brothers), Cliff Kvern. I had recently survived a 6 year $2,500,000 law suit(I won but was sorely battered). My 25 year old roofing company, Community Roofing, Inc. was profoundly challenged in the transition from a 2 owner hands-on small shop into a one owner(me) excessively expanding company looking for a new generation of leadership. My second try for a Ph.D. was stalled by my complete incapacity to listen to lectures by political science professors neither sufficiently political nor scientific. There is more to this tangle than I care to recount, other than to summarize my state at the dawn of
my “internet organizing career” as on the edge of despair and utterly disinterested in face to face encounters with my fellow humans whose immediate presence would require sharing a 7 year “Job journey” I did not have the energy for recounting.

When Jenny showed me how to do group e-mails, I realized that the internet could provide me with the resources I needed both to heal and to advance many of my lifetime visions. While I was incapable of engaging my friends and fellow citizens in real world places, I soon realized that I could partner with many, have fun, and accomplish much, in organizing projects that sheltered me from too much immediacy my grief could not bear.

Getting a Street(Two Streets!) Named for a Worthy Friend

to be continued…

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Recycling Old Computer Project

Mary Glass is blazing trails in the internet empowerment of Milwaukee’s working classes.

Mary Glass:
March 27, 2006 Link to this comment
Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA is concerned that the residential, commercial, and institutional stakeholders of the Inner City are not “left out”.

Too often, Milwaukeeans of the Inner City are the source of federal government funding and policies for projects but are “left out” of quality-of-life and economic development opportunities that would strengthen the infrastructure of People of Color and Working Poor areas. It is evident by the ongoing 60% unemployment rate in the Inner City.

Gainful employment and information sharing are major factors to curb crime and safety issues; as well as improve image for business development.

Four (4) key areas of the Midwest Fiber Works WI-FI project are:

  1. EMPLOYMENT of residential stakeholders/taxpayers from the Inner City.
  2. VENDOR/SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS services from the Inner City.
  3. MENTORSHIP/TRAINING of individuals from the Inner City.

  4. Signature Plan Business Center, Technology & Resource Center. To help close the “digital divide” and improve the infrastructure of the Inner City, Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA launched the 5-Year Signature Plan (2005–2010). One of its outcome is to create four (4) Business Center, Technology and Resource Centers within a 4-mile by 3-mile radius that is bound by:

Capitol Drive/NORTH, State Street/SOUTH, 60th Street/WEST and Holton-Van Buren/EAST.

This is a densely populated area (approximately 250, 000) that is significantly handicapped due to the lack of online options and opportunities.

This project can help Inner City commercial stakeholders become more informed, competitive, efficient, cost-worthy, cost-efficient and productive.

Some benefits for residential stakeholders include:

  • cost-effective and more efficient services by city government.
  • more informed citizenry.
  • access to local-global opportunities and options.
  • help level the playing field for neighborhood “net worth”.
  • help level the playing field for commercial stakeholders to compete in the marketplace.
  • state-of-the-art information sharing.

Submitted by:
Mary Glass, Chair/CEO
Campaign Neighborhood - CFNBA
Telephone: 414/271–5771

Sweet Ones of the Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas

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