Internet Software

Co-create a network of

  • artisans

  • communications workers

  • movement activists

Brainstorming a vision of universal internet literacy in 10 years

Action Steps 2007

  • e-mail, google, and wiki classes at libraries or people’s homes

  • e-mail, google, and/or wiki “internet neighborhood mentors

  • uploading audio and video recordings at the grass roots level

  • team up with Radio for Milwaukee and spread this information on public radio?

Internet Hardware

Co-create a network of

People and companies as a hand-me-down computers sources?

  • People and companies to play the role of internet wizards? to put old computers into working order, including tech support “in your neighborhood”

  • People and companies to “peddle the restored computers”

Action Steps 2007

  • Create web site to store information and images for the good cause

  • Assemble a starting pool of 100 old computers

  • Win 3 computer wizard partners for the experiment

  • Experiment with mix of market, co-op, and social sector revenue streams from the value added by renewed computer, wizards’ and peddlers’ contributions to the value of old computers. Value-adding experiments

The Project Is In Operation as of January 19th, 2006, 10 a.m.

Please send e-mail to if you wish to participate in some on-line brainstorming about any of this. You can call me at 414 232 1336 as well.

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