John Stadler, New Meadow Ventures

John is an entrepreneur and investor who is starting a company in Maine called New Meadow Ventures focused on turn-key aquaponics systems. He is working with different experts in different fields and is assembling a great team that has local support.

David Bovee, President, Zenith Assets

Deep background in IT, Finance, and is passionate about food. He feels strongly we need to combine resources together to push urban agriculture ahead.

Mobius Microfarms’ Ann Phillip


On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 9:05 PM, Irving Steel <> wrote:

Thanks for your interest Rechung! Please meet their directors and board members here attached.

Emmanuel- please meet Rechung who is director at SEED. They work with nonprofits and social enterprises. They are an exceptional group of consultants and would be beneficial to get them involved in swf. Please be in touch with Rechung if interested.

I hope you can connect.

Dear Rechung, Irving, Emmanuel, and Jesse,

Irving—thank you for the introduction!

Rechung—thank you for your Great Work in the Thomas Berry sense.

I am deeply greatful to be an “olde” of the Sweet Water adventure just discovering the inspiring partnership of Irving and Rechung teams, looking forward to witnessing the widening of all of our Great Work galaxies.

Every city deserves SEED!

Every city deserves Sweet Water!

Every city deserves Original Life!



Robert Bringolf, PhD, University of George

Robert Bringolf, PhD who is Associate Professor of Fish Biology & Ecotoxicology at The University of Georgia. He has been working the last couple years in aquaponics and they are making great strides to further their work. I talked to him today about the academic group you are putting together to push for more research in this field and he was very happy to be connected.

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