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I live in Riverwest and have had hopes of starting a community-centered technology collective with a focus on human rights/digital divide issues for a while now, but I know nothing about organization, so they’ve always been rather idle fantasies. I also just came across CFNBA Inner City Wireless today, which looks promising. I noticed you didn’t have any references to open source software. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, but open source works under some complementary principles - openness (you can view and modify any aspects of the software), equality (the software is free and frequently multilingual) and community (the software is written by large groups of people spread across the world). I’m a huge open source advocate and would love to work with you to help promote its use and to help you make better use of the computer hardware you have available.

Eventually, I was hoping to offer some sort of certified training where people could learn to operate and maintain computers in a sort of apprentice fashion. I don’t know if it would be compatible with a non-profit, but we could eventually offer cheap services to the community such as on-site computer repair, web design, at-home training and the like.

I’m also into renewable energy and was hoping to get a biodiesel initiative up and running. Biodiesel can be made from surplus waste vegetable oil, and this being Milwaukee, I’m sure there’s quite a bit of that around from all the fried food. Businesses usually pay to have it taken away, so we may be able to get it for free. It runs in almost any diesel car with slight modifications.

I’d love to work on stuff like this and I live on Center and Bremen, so getting there shouldn’t present any problems. My friends and I have lots of other random skills and a community focus. Let me know if there’s any way I can help you out, if I could meet with some people with your organization and if there will be any more meetings or anything like that. This project has tons of potential that I’d love to help it reach.


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