this is another glorious day in milwaukee…


Create a central park along the Milwaukee River upstream of the North Avenue footbridge to Silver Spring Drive. Preserve the wild aspect of the natural area while improving the habitat. Improve water quality. Restore native plant species while removing non-native invasive plants.

Improve public access to this urban natural resource.

Dear Friends:

I recently returned from a journey to Louisiana, where people I met opened their hearts and offered a piercing look at life behind post-Katrina headlines. Please read on to join me on a journey of bearing witness to fractured lives and interrupted dreams.

Janine Arseneau


East Local Challenge

Subject: [Fwd: Harnessing the Power of the Internet for Eat Local
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 07:57:18 −0500
From: Janine Arseneau <>
To: Anne Steinberg <>
CC: James Godsil <>

Hi Anne -

James Godsil, Milwaukee’s guardian angel, has adopted the eat local challenge in his uniquely glorious way. Read on to see James’ contribution to the movement via his warm example
of asking the place he frequents how they source the food they
serve…and then sharing his own story and creating another way for others to do the same. He is extending the movement’s reach way beyond our little group effort!

Please note one of the most important take-away messages here: he has enough of a relationship with the folks at the RiverWest Coop to have a conversation with them about the food they offer and where it is born…

A holistic appreciation for what eating local means…knowing the food’s many stewards…the growers, keepers, preparers, servers…

Thank you James, as always, for creating community and being a light along the path.


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