This account was received by the Tibetan exile community living in India from those involved with peaceful demonstrations near Kirti Monastery, Tibet March 16 and 17, 2008.
Later, over 570 monks were arrested in a two day raid, most likely for protesting
and for disseminating this news report and photos.

Here is the report translated into English by Tibetans in India.
It is un-editted and exactly as I have received it.

Bloody Confrontation Continuing in the Ngapa County of Amdo Province

Starting on March 16 we received continuously reliable information via telephone
from Tibet about the ongoing protests:

1. On March 16 the monks of Kirti Dongri monastery in the Ngapa district staged a
peaceful demonstration in Lota town. They removed and burned two Chinese flags that
were on top of the town hall and the local school respectively. The Chinese government
claims that at 2am on March 17, Tibetans burnt down the town hall and other government
buildings. However, as around that time there were no Tibetans present in the market
area Lota town, it is assumed that Chinese security personal burned down those buildings
in order to blame it on the Tibetans.

2. On March 16 we received photographs of the bodies of eight of the Tibetans that were
murdered by Chinese soldiers, among them monks, nomads, farmers, students, and so forth.
The oldest of the victim was 64 and the youngest 17 years old.

3. On March 16 two girls from Ngoeshul called Ngoedrup Tso (a student) and a boy called Atisha were murdered by Chinese police and soldiers during a peaceful demonstration in the Upper Ngapa County. Another Tibetan was seriously injured.

4. On March 16 at 2pm local time the monks from Ngapa Nangzhig monastery and the lay population of the surrounding town staged a peaceful protest that was started mainly by the monks of Nangzhig monastery. During that protest the Chinese soldiers and police opened fire and killed one monk from Nang-zhig monastery.

5. On March 17 two Tibetans who had just participated in a peaceful demonstration in Meri Ma and had gone to Lamlung, which is about three kilometers from Meri Ma town, where they were brutally murdered by Chinese soldiers. Further, a boy called ‘Sangye Zhisang’ along with three unknown Tibetans were shot and murdered by Chinese soldiers in Meri Ma town, their bodies confiscated by Chinese police. Other Tibetans received serious injuries after getting beaten with rifle butts. About 20 Tibetans were lead away to Ngapa County.
Most of the inhabitants of Meri Ma have fled their homes to seek sanctuary in the mountains surrounding the area.

6. On March 17 about 800 Tibetans, both lay and monastic, from Ngapa Amchog Tsenyi
Monastery as well as the surrounding town started a peaceful demonstration against
the Chinese government.

7. At around the same time about 1000 Tibetans mainly from the Gyalrong Barkham kyi Geoe
high school started a peaceful demonstration against the Chinese government. As the students
from the Barkham middle school were trying to leave the school area the Chinese police
closed the main gate, locking the students into the compound of the school. The students
started a hunger strike and shouted: “We strongly wish to meet H.H. the Dalai Lama. Therefore,
the Chinese government should allow H.H. the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet.”

8. The Tibetans of Ngapa district wrote three letters to their fellow Tibetans in exile.
In those letters they write that the Chinese government is lying when they are saying they
are not killing any Tibetans; that many of the families of the 20 Tibetans that were
murdered by the Chinese soldiers in Ngapa county are unable to retrieve their bodies;
that young and old Tibetans are willing to sacrifice their lives in their efforts to
protest against the Chinese regime; and that they demand that H.H. the Dalai Lama will be
able to return to Tibet and that Tibetans will obtain peace and freedom. Further, the aim
of the present protests is to enable the Tibetans living in exile and those living in Tibet
to live together.

9. In the morning of March 18 we received information that a settlement of nomads located at
the border area of Ngapa and Machu countys staged a peaceful demonstration.

10. On March 17 at 8pm local time monks from Ngochi Tirod, Boshod Monastery and Lhasol
Monastery in Thewo Dragon led more than 200 Tibetans and started demonstrating below Lhasol
Monastery towards the Thewo county city. On their way around about 100 soldiers came out
from Yiwa Shang and stopped them.”

 Kirti Jepa Monastery, Dharamsala on March 18, 2008 at 2.30pm.

“’‘’English translations of the two separate application letters recently received from
the Tibetan living inside Tibet.’‘’

All the general public from the Ngawa region and our fellow citizen who stand by our
side at this difficult period. On the very sore, that is very clear to ones naked eyes, It
is known that the administer of lhasa, Jampa Phunstok paid a petition to the Chinese government
by stating none of the Tibetan were hurt by bullet and other means in Tibet .But how can we express
these red wounds that is very vivid, when they say there is no such injury at all. If it is true,
that we all possess the same blood running through our vein, have some feeling that the elder Tibetans
and one of the young Tibetan who is just 17 years of age gave their lives for the sake our land and
people. Though there were so many corpse which were not allowed to take care of and many still missing,
it is very hard to describe the situation inside the Tibet due to their restriction on internet and phones.
It is needless to say that our wounded hearts is for the Freedom, Peace, Justice and the unification of our fellow Tibetan inside and outside Tibet.”

Respected all the Tibetan government Journalist and all staff working for Tibet Cause.

Today on 16th March, at Southern Province of Domey, People started shouting slogans such as unification of Tibetan People, Human Rights in Tibet, His Holiness The Dalai lama should return to Tibet and others around 10 am or 11 am in morning untill 7 pm or 8 pm in night organized mainly by Kirti Lekshey ling Monastery . During the Peace March more than 20 people ranging from 17 year’s to 40 year’s of age were killed amony them. Moreover, In Nga wa district Court, Chinese officials did not allowed to take the corpse of the deceased who were brutally killed during the march.

The following pictures were taken, when their relatives found their dear one’s lying around. During the dedication prayers held at Nya-Wa Kirti Monastery, the Public have been making generous donation in the form of money for the deceased personnel.“

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