And You Thought You Were Starving

What if we could shower the earth with
“Welcome Home Baby Casseroles”

Each casserole would, of course,
Consist of
Great Grandma’s most delicious recipe.

Hearty Wisconsin casseroles descending upon
In an amazing, exotic formation like an alien assault out of a 50’s sci-fi movie:
The Invasion of the Home-made Mac and Cheese

Or maybe the love casseroles simply appear one morning
Like manna to the Israelites in the desert.
WI cheesed-manna, that is, with cracker crumb topping.

“Welcome Home Baby Casseroles”

For every Child, no matter your age—
A casserole just for you. And just for you. And just for you.
You are so special - just for you!

What if we all had that ‘welcome baby’ attitude to everyone we meet.
And Cookbooks became sold out on planet earth.

Hafiz revealed this to me…
The Loving One is preparing a casserole
Right now
Just for you dear friend.

Can you smell it?

kt 2009


Preparing the “Welcoming” Food in Tibetan refugee Monastery in India

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