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Fearless in Milwaukee

We fear death. We fear change. We fear honest self-expression.

Fearlessness does not mean “no fear”
Fearlessness means “beyond fear” – but there is no word for this in the English language.

We must experience our cowardice (but not be depressed by it) – because now we can experience true fearlessness.

We are fundamentally good.
We have enough, everything we need,
so we can give infinitely.
There is nothing to lose, you cannot lose true love, so there is no need to be possessive.
Anger can be expressed with honesty and even gentleness. It is really an expression of pain. Do not be afraid to ‘lose control’.
Educate yourself.
Then release pain through self-expression and physical expression.
Help others release their pain through listening, loving and physical expression.
There is nothing to be ashamed of as a human being.

Fearlessness is not about victorious acts of courage.
It is about simple acts of openness,
becoming vulnerable, then letting yourself become more vulnerable,
becoming more and even more sensitive.

It is letting your eyes fill with tears
It is the softening of your heart
It is walking on a sunpath at sunrise by a Great Lake
Constantly moving forward
Re-charging yourself every moment of your life
Touching the earth with tenderness and grace
Never growing a thick skin
Realizing you are fundamentally good and always have been
Realizing there is always the possibility of original purity, because the world and all humans were clean to begin with (just look at a baby).
Fearlessness is Cleaning-up Positive
Healing everything
Be-ing with the sunrise
With energy shining from your very own eyes
In a meditative state
Completely raw and open
Pouring out original wu-chi love
Genuinely heart-broken
Yet inside a pillar of strength

You are becoming fearless
You have become fearless
Fearless in Milwaukee
A true Soul Warrior.

dedicated to the Youth of Milwaukee after another violent incident resulting in death and destruction. kt rusch

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