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“…because if to be free is the most important goal of all, then to help someone else to be or to become free must be the most sublime and rewarding of human endeavors.” Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Laureate, Holocaust Survivor

Quiet Revolution - a Song Inspired by Grace Lee Boggs

Reprint of Interview with King Sunny Ade

KT Rusch and Tia Richardson Sound and Vision Project

MILWAUKEE - TIBET Prayer Scroll Project

2008 Mother Earth Water Walk

Art Exchange with Express Yourself Milwaukee and Drepung Loseling Monastery India

Account by Tibetans of the Events in March 2008 near Ngapa District Kirti Monastery

Tibetan Uprising 2008

Unrest In Tibet Hits Home

Rally For Compassion Milwaukee

Human Rights Torch - Madison, WI

Amity with Tibetan monk sets Woman on Path to India

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The Dragon Reprint Journal of Martial Arts and Healing.

And You Thought You Were Starving Winter 2009

Magic Garden Summer 2008 Dedicated to Gardeners of Heart and Soul. Published in Journal of Martial Arts and Healing Vol 3, Issue 1.

Rise Up! Dedicated to Wangaari Mathai, Nobel Peace prize laureate and founder of the Green Belt movement in East Africa.

Our Growing Power December 2007 Special dedication to Urban Agriculturists.

Mother Song Fall 2007
Performed with The Earth Poets 20th Annual Show, Coming soon on Universal Love Band’s new CD recording.

The Freedom Snake Fall 2007

The Universe is Giving Birth to Itself July 2007

Soul Out of Exile - Feed the Bird December 2006 Dedicated to everyone seeking to awaken their soul’s desire.

Create a Space September 18, 2006
2006/07 Season: Express Yourself Milwaukee’s theme is ‘Space’. Tonight marks the beginning of 14 Mondays at The MKE County Juvenile Detention Center. These ideas will be shared in MKE JDC space, but might be inspiring for Milwaukee Renaissance space too. Annual performance in May 07.

Fearless in Milwaukee August 2006
For all of us.

Inspired by The Poem of Confucious June 2006
a kt translation/interpretation

A Glorious Opportunity April 2006
Influenced by missing children and the Jude beating.

Jerusalem April 25, 2006
A reponse to the recent Sinai bombing in Egypt and to the Milwaukee shootings of two friends who supported our music group ‘56th Street’ during its run.

Boulder and River April 2006

Peace Poem Readings at:
Lanterns for Peace 60th anniversary of Hiroshima at Pere Marquette Park 8/6/05.
Summerfest with Express Yourself Milwaukee/Steel Pulse 2005
Brunch for South Africa Fall 2005, all around MKE 2006, 2007, 2008

I dedicate to everyone seeking Peace in their lives, for all communities, for Milwaukee, for our planet.

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