The Human Rights Torch passed through Madison, Wisconsin on April 19, 2008. The Human Rights Torch Relay is an international campaign that seeks to bring awareness to human rights abuses against the people of China during this year of the Beijing Olympics. Earlier in the week, on April 16, the torch was lit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at City Hall. See www.humanrightstorch.org for more information.

Photos from Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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Universal Love Band was represented by KT Rusch and Djam Vivie. I read “World Peace” a poem by Tashi. Tashi is a Tibetan refugee and high school student at SOS Children’s Village in Delhi, India. He walked out of Tibet with four other boys a few years ago. He hopes to come to the USA. After reading Tashi’s poem, we played the songs Rise Up! and Rising Sun.


World Peace
by Tashi January 2008

People of the World
Are dancing with peace.
Love and Compassion
Are flowing down
Like summer rains
From the Dalai Lama.
Now, children and young people
Have happiness
So they are sleeping with peace
Calm in their homes.

Truthful words
Are spreading like ants
Through the world.
So many people are
Coming together.
They are shaking hands
And smiling.

I received requests for the lyrics to Rise Up! Here are the lyrics:

FEEDBACK from Lisa of Future Green:
“Thank-you for coming to the event and the music helped calm the savage
beasties as they say!! Even the pro-ccp like the music and were listening closely: )”

CCP is the Chinese Communist Party. “Rise Up!” and “Rising Sun” are songs for everyone. I hope everyone can benefit from the positive messages in our music. KT

Since this event.. RISING SUN has been featured on international compilation: Songs to Save the World. See website for details: http://www.ktruschmusic.net


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