The Freedom Snake

A long, muscled,
poisonous snake
lay coiled in a corner of a cell
under a small, dark Window.

The prisoner entered the shadowy cell.

When he saw the snake,
his heart shivered,
his breath pressed and shrieked,
and his eyes glazed with anguish and despair.

A cruel punishment—
to be locked in a small cell
with this creature.

Dare he move an inch?
How long? How long to stand here?

His Mind turned, blanked, convulsed
While trying to keep the snake in his sight,
And in his awareness,
Minutes to hours
Standing there, through the long night,
Perfectly still
Contemplating predicament and punishment.

In desperation,
And with dawn’s light emerging at the window,
He decided to approach the snake.

Coming closer
And closer
And closer
With clearer vision
He realized—

The snake was a rope.

And the window was open.

Last edited by kt rusch. Based on work by ktrusch and KT Rusch.  Page last modified on October 02, 2013

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