The Universe is Giving

Birth to Itself

Black Holes may
Appear to be
Voracious cannibals

Eating everything in proximity-
Planets, stars
Eventually whole galaxies,


Magnificent complex forms like Sagittarius A*
Swallowed in a gulp
And perhaps taking magnificent
Enlightened civilizations
Down the black tube as well.

How these hungry entities
We have named Black Holes
Are positioned at
The center,
The navel of the galaxy.

Pregnant women-
Profound in stellar beauty,
Yet tired,
Enervated because the new life within their body center
Is eating them,
Dare I say, parasitically,
New life striving voraciously forward into the future.

Did you know that Black Holes
Actually spray waves and particles back out into the universe
In a galactic radiation jetstream?
(Maybe the hole is just about full,
Like a saturated vacuum cleaner
Overflowing and
Spraying dust and dander
Into the empty spaces
Of our living room universe).

Black Holes-
Messy carnivores
Yet cosmic creators,
Birthing a chaos of particles
Back into the space/time contimuum that they have cleaned out.
Planets and asteroids reduced to a fine mist and
Ready to re-assemble into new stars and galaxies.

On Earth-
Resting sweetly on the family couch,
Billions of mother cells
Feed ever-growing new life and
Across our fine city
Scores of shining new babies are born each hour
In rapture and blood
Ready for the world.

The Universe is giving birth to itself.

Last edited by kt rusch. Based on work by Kt Rusch.  Page last modified on December 15, 2007

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