Here is a run down of the original emails that brought Dave Wetzel and Jeff Smith to Milwaukee. Published to fill in the historical record, and to show off the power of Email.

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From: Jeffery Smith <
Subject: July Dialogue?
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 14:56:20 −0700
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Hello, Bill Sell and Mike Kramer;

We’ve heard that the Bay View Neighborhood Association does have a real estate committee, that your area has some community activists working on “gentrification” and trying to keep the housing prices down, and that property tax assessment have risen 40% this year in parts of Milwaukee. Since we specialize in a reform of taxes that has successfully addressed these concerns elsewhere, we thought there might be a good fit.

To rev up the regional economy, and keep it in harmony with the ecosystem, while making taxes more bearable, Milwaukee could not necessarily raise taxes but shift them. Places that have shifted taxes off goods such as sales, buildings, and wages, onto “bads” such as pollution, depletion, and excessive land speculation have all benefitted. For more information on real-world examples, please get in touch or see our website (below).

After a July conference on shifting the property tax off buildings, onto locations - with some of the revenue returned as a dividend - some of us will be in Milwaukee, including Dave Wetzel, who helped bring in London’s traffic charge. Would you or any of your staff be interested in chatting about this powerful tool and how Milwaukee might include tax shifting in its toolkit? We’ll be there July 31, a Monday.


SMITH, Jeffery J., President, Forum on Geonomics
7536 SE Milwaukie Av
Portland Oregon 97202 USA
Share Earth’s worth to prosper and conserve.

Dave Wetzel FCILT FRSA
Transport for London (TfL)

Dave’s career has included working as an engineer apprentice, London bus conductor, driver, and inspector, as a manager for Initial Services operating a small fleet of vans in East London, rostering pilots for British Airways, as a Political Organiser for the London Co-op and as Editor of Civil Aviation News (an airport workers’ paper). He was Chair of the Greater London Council’s Transport Committee (population 6m), Leader of Hounslow Council (population 200 thousand), the Director of DaRT (Dial-a-Ride and Taxicard users), Management Committee Member of Capital Transport Campaign and Hounslow Community Transport, President of London University’s Transport Studies Society, Vice-Chair of a local Chamber of Commerce in Cornwall, a former trustee of Hounslow Multi-Cultural Centre, a Governor of Riverside Studios and a Trade Union shop steward at Heathrow Airport. Dave is currently Chair of TfL’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee, Chair of the Professional Land Reform Group, President of the Labour Land Campaign (since 1983), an Executive Committee member of SERA (the Labour Party’s Environmental Campaign) and a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Dear and curious friends;

Belated Merry Equinox. This world works in wondrous ways. Did you know:

  • San Francisco recovered from its 1906 disaster by taxing land? One nation and two state legislatures are toe to toe with land speculators?

  • The president of a nation met with leaders of the movement for a basic income?

  • A wealthy German businessman and a prominent Reaganite push a basic income?

  • Bottom line, people can make more money conserving than exploiting?

  • George Shultz and other rightwingers push an oil dividend for Iraq?

  • The US lets oil companies avoid $40 billion in royalties?

  • The US raised the national debt to $9 trillion?

  • The 1% of 1% of 1% got a 500% raise?

  • Warren Buffett, the second richest human, lambasted exorbitant CEO pay?

  • The US military fights to keep poisoning American’s drinking water?

  • The bond yield inverted twice (a reliable indicator of pending recession)?

Read all about it and more in the spring issue of The Geonomistat

Tell a friend, even a list of them. Please forward.

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If you want a hard copy, complete with the popular cartoons, let me know. —written by Jeff Smith, to reach Jeff: []

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