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—Relating to Dave Wetzel—

Article on London’s Congestion Charge:

Audio of Interview with Dave Wetzel on Congestion Charges:

Article by Dave Wetzel on Financing Public Transportation:

Dave Wetzel’s Bio on Transport For London’s Website

Jeffery Smith’s website - more on geonomics

—Mason Gaffney’s academic work—

How To Revive A Dying City - references development in Milwaukee: Hoan, Zeidler, Maier…

—The Building-Residual Method of Property Value Assessment—

—Historical Thought on Land Value Taxation—

Our Very Own Mayor Daniel Hoan
“Milwaukee grew fast for 20 years, without stopping or staying, under its left-wing Mayor, Daniel Hoan, 1916–36. This was a period of slowing growth in most other cities in Table I. Hoan’s brand of “sewer socialism” consisted in applying the principles of marginal-cost pricing to Milwaukee’s infrastructure, meaning keeping transit and utility user-rates low, and meeting deficits by raising property taxes. Hoan also expanded social services, and pressed city assessors (in Milwaukee these serve at the Mayor’s pleasure) to up-value land and down-value buildings (Hoan, 1936, pp.26–27). Hoan had his assessor distribute maps of city land values, block by block, to enlist citizen aid and support for assessing land first, and buildings “residually” {the “building-residual” method}- the way to get land up-valued. Like all progressive mayors of the era, and like Tax Commissioner Purdy in NYC, Hoan studied and learned from the achievements of Tom L. Johnson (Hoan, passim).”

Patrick Edward Dove

William Ogilvie

Henry George:

Thomas Paine: “Men did not make the earth. . . It is the value of the improvement only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property. . . . Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds.”

John Locke: “God gave the world in common to all mankind. When the “sacredness” of property is talked of, it should be remembered that any such sacredness does not belong in the same degree to landed property.”

For those who fear the Constitution might interfere with Land Value Taxation, I post the relevant link from the Wisconsin Constitution:

Rule of taxation uniform; income, privilege and occupation taxes

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