I-Thou relationships, in concrete, immediate social encounters, easily bring forth images of loving experiences. Can we cultivate I-Thou relationships in our lives? Are they only for our immediate loved ones? Can the other be a “Thou” when contact is not direct, not enduring, not involved with mutual aid or exchange?

I believe we can “love” the other, we can have rich I-Thou encounters, in the realm of spirit, in our interior worlds, with loved ones not present, or even loved ones never encountered in the flesh. I “love” Walt Whitman! I “love” Rumi! I love Jesus and Budha and Mohammed!

Symbolic universes are profoundly real forces in our personal and public lives.

And langauge is of enormous importance in our personal and collective symbolic universes.

Let us set forth into the land of language.

I propose our average use of language leaves considerable room for improvement.

In these pages I will collect information and perhaps even wisdom around the issue of language.

Language Therapy.

Starting with the concept “slum

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