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Imagine not being able to expose what youíre truly feeling
Imagine your world coming to a halt because you donít feel like dealing
Imagine being so out of tune with self and your condition
Imagine awakening every morning constantly wishin -
wishin you can identify with that person in the mirror
Imagine reality clicking and things are made clearer
Imagine seeing your beautification and real-eyes-ing itís not afar


Iím a drug addict, living in the attic of my mind
I canít define from whence I came; see, I lived in a world that was
full of heroin and cocaine
I drank to stay sane not real-eyes-ing that, that to was a
part of the pain I had to go through
I knew not what to do, so I ran the streets until my hands,
my feet, and my knees were weak
I looked and peeked and always seeked, I had to feed that insane
feeling that made me want to keep on dealing
Iím a drug addict, living in the attic of my mind
Wanting to redefine my existence, looking for some kind of consistence
Trying to find some sanity, trying to grasp at some vanity -
I have been lost because of the strife I experienced in life -
It has taken me around people, places, and things it has siphoned
all the joy life brings
Iím a drug addict, living in the attic of my mind
Needing to find some release - needing to have some peace,
needing to cease all the dreams, needing to scream if need be,
needing to face reality
Iím a drug addict, living in the attic of my mind
Because the attic of my mind defines who I be,
in the form you presently see
Iím a drug addict, living in the attic of my mind


Saddam got caught, he fought to stay free, but outside forces wouldnít
let that be - who will get the oil and the spoils of the land, who will
come with the grandest of plans - Iraq will be in shambles for years to
come, but where will there help truly come from - you said Hussein
has to go, heís giving us pain, but will the powers that be; be just
as vain - only time will tell how this story is wrote, but you were the
ones who wanted the democratic vote - they knew nothing of you,
nor how you live, now weíll see how much youíll truly give - you said
he must leave forever, how clever you sound, but I want to hear that
cry when civil war is abound - because now it starts within, that
which you thought was God-send, but those on the outside wonít be there,
theyíll be elsewhere protecting their share - theyíll laugh wholeheartedly
at that which you didnít see; theyíll be laughing at the Iraqiís unity -
youíll have nothing to claim as they gain control; see, they donít
understand the Iraqiís soul - they donít understand that which you
have gone through, this is why theyíll slip away as they usually
do - so this is the shiznit that leaves me in a fiznit when people are
about a lot of doubt

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