I am seeking joint ventures with 2nd career boomer professionals and/or social entrepreneurs to work on various parts of the “MIlwaukee Renaissance Project.” The goal of the Renaissance Project is to develop offerings in Historic Milwaukee that will find some of the 25,000,000 souls a days drive from Milwaukee happily spending some of their money in our fair city. At this moment there are three prorgrams to develop. They all inter-connect and involve promotions of: (l) Historic Concordia Bed & Breakfasts, beginning with the Acanthus Inn; (2) Urban Anthropology’s “Backstreet” Tours and Neighborhood Museums in Historic Milwaukee; (3) the Milwaukee International Film Festival.

Historic Concordia Bed & Breakfasts, Starting at the Acanthus Inn

During this year’s tour of Historic Concordia, the neighborhood just to the north of Wisconsin Avenue between 27th & 35th, I was astonished at the continental elegance of the neighborhood’s homes and the interior glories of a number of Bed & Breakfasts. To bring a growing number of tourists and Milwaukee area visitors to this neighborhood and these homes would be a great development for people desiring an inclusive Historic Milwaukee.

I hope to work with 2nd Career Boomers and social entrepreneuers to develop programs aimed at attracting the following clients to Concordia’s Bed & Breakfasts, starting with the Acanthus Inn: out-of-town guests of Milwaukee residents; clients and recruits of our major corporations and institutions; tourists who normally stay at motels or hotels; very special social and business events, e.g. fund raisers, breakfast clubs, in-town retreats, strategic planning seminars, etc.

The work would involve some of the following: (1) making contact with the Human Resource and Recruitment Directors of corporations, businesses, and institutions in Milwaukee to introduce the notion that there are people in Milwaukee who would like to help them offer their visitors a warm, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating Milwaukee experience, which would include stays at Bed & Breakfasts and tours tailored for their visitors specific interests, e.g. arts, history, dining, music, dance, wholistic health, outdoors, social causes, and more. (2) teaming up with neighborhood businesses and organizations throughout Milwaukee which would like to be destinations for hip tours of Historic Milwaukee ; (3) internet connecting with social and other organizations w/in a days drive of Milwaukee to promote the project; (4) begin linking the Bed & Breakfast program with Urban Anthropology’s Backstreet Tours and Neighborhood Museums efforts and the Shepherd’s Milwaukee International Film Festival. More on that later.

Here is my offering regarding the Acanthus Inn. I will welcome your response to all of this and would appreciate your forwarding it to friends who might wish to earn a bit of money working on a worthy set of projects.

Clear sailing,


Someday give yourself a treat and check out Walter & Judy Backlund’s Acanthus Inn Bed & Breakfast. Take the Lake Front to Wisconsin Ave., go west to 27th St., go north about 5 blocks to Highland, take a left and go to 3009 W. Highland. There is a parking lot just to the east of the Acanthus Inn. The outside is a work in progress. The inside will transport you to another world. The Backlund’s are salt-of-the earth North Wisconsinites, both nurses in their full-time jobs. He is a gourmet French and Italian chef. They are warm, clear souls.

The Acanthus Inn is a hidden Milwaukee treasure. Give Walter or Judy a call around 11 a.m. during the weekday or on the weekend and arrange to take a look(342 9788). In-town getaways; family re-unions; special gatherings; out-of-town guests; benefits are among the uses of this architectural masterpiece filled with beauty.

In my remaining years I hope to do my best to inspire Milwaukee to support the Bed & Breakfasts of Historic Concordia, starting with the Acanthus Inn.

Walter has created a great web site that has pictures of the rooms and lots more at http://acanthusinn.prodigybiz.com/. I have attached a picture of Walter & Judy and of the great mansion in Winter.

Please forward this to your friends.

Happy Holidays!


Walter is an accomplished chef who has owned two French Italian fusion restaurants one in Sturgeon Bay and one in Hurley, WI. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. In addition, he has worked as a florist, in set design, as a stage hand, in construction and as a hard rock miner. He has owned and operated two antique shops and continues to have a love for fine art, quality furnishings and antique lighting which is evidenced throughout the Inn. Walter has completed degrees in both Nursing and Psychology and currently works as an RN on the Spinal Cord Injury unit of the Milwaukee, VA Hospital.g See “About Judy”.

Judy has worked as an RN in ICU for over 20 years. She has six years experience as a recovery room nurse and currently works at Froedtert Hospital doing sedation in radiology. She graduated from St. Scholastica Nursing School in Duluth, Minn. with a BS in Nursing and has traveled extensively since. Her hobbies are downhill skiing, gardening, caring for her bunnies and interior decorating. Judy has done all the decorative stenciling and creative sewing that now grace many of the Rooms in the Inn.


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