Here’s the press release announcing Kt’s selection as Caring Person of the Year 2008.


Contact: Howard Hinterthuer (262) 573–0325 (Cell Phone)

K.T. Rusch To Receive “Caring Person of the Year Award

Milwaukee Renaissance, Milwaukee’s dot com source for inspiration and info about rebuilding our beloved city, will present musician and activist K.T. Rusch with its first ever Caring Person of the Year Award, Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at Riverwest Co-op (10:30 a.m.). The proclamation will read as follows:

Whereas two of our purposes here on earth are to acquire virtues and to carry forward and ever advancing civilization, and

Whereas the world is in desperate need of role models and leaders who consistently recognize and speak the truth, and

Whereas we are inspired by people who are committed to these ideals and who expend their resources and energy to make the world a better place,

Be it resolved that we, the chaordic participants in the phenomenon known as ‘Milwaukee Renaissance Dot Com,’ do hereby anoint K.T. Rusch as “Caring Person of the Year” for her work with the children of Express Yourself, for her efforts to raise awareness with regard to human rights issues in Tibet, for her journey to India as an expression of her commitment to religious freedom and unity with others, for bringing music into the lives of multitudes, and for doing all of these things with grace, kindness, and style.”

To honor Rusch’s efforts, Milwaukee Renaissance dot com will present to her a new acoustic guitar to use in her work with children.

Kt’s Response to Award

Thank you Blueberry People!

The moment was so sweet - I cried. The guitar is amazing. No more “out-of’-tune” little guitar for gigs at the Detention Center, now I’ve got a new Hohner that kicks butt!

 My children love the framed proclamation and it gives them a clearer picture of what I do while they are at school!

The proclamation is so beautiful with all the signatures - like a Bill of Rights. Finn, you must have studied the handwriting on that document haha!

It took me a couple of days to process the moment! Really, it is all of you who possess the “Grace, Kindness and Style”.

Thank you MKE Renaissance and all of you Pancake Eaters! - hope to see you all real soon,

KT Rusch

You can learn about KT’s projects, read her poetry and lyrics, and more at…

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