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Northern Ireland Timeline

Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages
7000 - 751 BC

Iron Age
750 BC - AD 399

Early Christian Ireland
400 - 799

800 - 1169

1170 - 1315

Beyond the Pale
1316 - 1558

Elizabethan Conquest
1559 - 1603

The Plantation of Ulster
1604 - 1685

Williamite Wars
1686 - 1742

Prosperity, Revolution and Famine
1743 - 1848

Ulster Crisis
1849 - 1920

1921 - 1939

War and Peace
1940 - 1967

The Northern Ireland Conflict
1968 - 2001

The visit of Henry II, 1171

Henry II was the most powerful ruler in the western world: his Angevin dominions included England, most of Wales, Normandy, Anjou, Gascony and other parts of France. Now some of his Welsh barons had conquered a whole province of Ireland. He could not afford to see an independent Norman state emerge there, and the sudden death of Dermot MacMurrough in 1171 made it necessary to act quickly as Strongbow had now become the possessor of the Kingdom of Leinster. In addition, Henry had incurred the wrath of the Pope by his involvement in the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

In October 1171, he came to Ireland with a force so large that no resistance was offered. Landing at Waterford, he came to Dublin on the western side of the Wexford-Wicklow mountains. Then Henry invited all the kings of Ireland to meet him and all came, save for the Cenel nEoghain and Cenel Conaill rulers from Ulster. The Irish princes, including the High King, made their submission.

The Norman barons were confirmed in their conquests, except that Meath was granted to Henry’s favourite, Hugh de Lacy, as a counterweight to Strongbow.

In 1175 Henry made a treaty with Rory O’Connor, the High King, that while the Normans would keep the lands they had seized they would not conquer more. The Angevin king, however, could not control the martial ardour of his vassals.

    * Normans 1169 - 1315
    * The Norman Invasion 1169 - 1171
    * John de Courcy and Ulster 1171 - 1199
    * The visit of Henry II, 1171
    * The Normans and the Church - up to 1315
    * Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster 1199 - 1210
    * King John in Ireland 1210
    * Brian O’Neill’s failure - up to 1260
    * The Red Earl of Ulster - up to 1315
    * Norman towns - up to 1315
    * Norman expansion - up to 1300
    * Norman castles - up to 1315
    * Beyond the Pale 1315 - 1558
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