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The name of this page is Main/Example. That is, this is the page named Example in the wiki-website’s special, default page-group named Main. Look just above the “Edit” tab - you can see the links “Main >> Example” which illustrate the group’s name is Main and the page’s name is Example.

If there is also a page-group on the wiki-website with the same name as this page’s name — in this case a group named Example — then users of the site might likely prefer that a link from anywhere to would take the user to Example/HomePage - i.e. the HomePage of the Example group, BUT as long as both the group and the page with the same name in the Main group exist, a link to will bring the user to this page in the Main group. If that were to happen, it might be best to delete this Main/Example page. THEN a link to will take the user to the HomePage of the Example group.

Try it:

Try it:

Try it:

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