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This great collection of “place” in Milwaukee was put together under the leadership of JENNIFER GEIGEL MIKULAY. I participated in an experiment called “Milwaukee Makes Place,” with Brian Reilly, Ken Jenkins, and Jennifer Geigel offering me many inspiring concepts around the importance of unique and storied “destinations” in our old cities.

The Outpost Natural Foods Store is a Milwaukee miracle, the finest example of the power the cooperatives in our fair city.

Supporting you in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

The Utne Reader called YES! “the perfect antidote to cynicism” and in 2001 named YES! the best alternative publication for social and cultural coverage. Utne notes that YES! reports on “everyday people doing important work that fosters social justice, economic democracy, peace, and environmental sustainability.” YES! was also nominated for the Alternative Press Award for political coverage in 2003.

  • Mark Engler—a writer based in New York City and an analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus. His outstanding essays and contact information are at…

  • Fair Wisconsin, an organization advancing the cause of our LGBT brothers and sisters. This link is testimony of the enormous support for LGBT freedom and justice, and also a good place for movement organizers to start with for internet communications with the most progressive organizations in Wisconsin, who are listed with web links.

  • Suzanne Rosenblatt, Milwaukee poet and artist, is my first offering. Godsil

  • Michael J Moynihan, Milwaukee actor, director, producer, playwright, designer, composer, lyricist, graphic artist, journalist, cartoonist, mask & prop artisan, manager, administrator and teacher

  • MacCanon Brown, Executive Director Repairers of the Breach,social activist, homeless advocate and as a community leader in compassionate work, published and performing poet, with numerous residencies in the artists-in the-schools programs of Iowa Arts Council and Wisconsin Arts Board. Recently Brown published a book-length poem she wrote about the relationship between war and hunger. It is titled End Hunger! The first edition (400 copies) is a fine publisher’s collector’s edition. Wider publication is pending. Tegan Dowling has designed a website focused on MacCanon Brown’s book End Hunger! You can find it at **

  • Gretchn Doege and Bob Trimmier of CASH(Citziens Allied for Sane Highways) have been the heroes of the anti-freeway widening movement in Milwaukee. Gretchen writes “CASH Updates” on a monthly basis that trace the challenges we face in saving ourselves from the freeway buildings and thoughtless sprawl cabals.

  • Matthew Ryno, and students at Marquette University, have started Milwaukee’s first street newspaper to be distributed by vendor in Milwaukee. The vendors are local homeless or impoverished members of the community who earn 75 percent of the profits they make by selling the newspapers for one dollar. The paper focuses on news in the Near West Side, and also covers issues relevant for the impoverished of the community.
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