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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science at Virginia Commonwealth University

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Haymes Notes

Afro German Great Lakes Exchange Project

Politics and social life
Zeca Schall, Afro-German politician

    Hans Massaquoi, journalist, wrote about his childhood in Nazi Germany.
    Zeca Schall, Afro German politician.
    John Ehret, Germany’s first Afro German mayor.
    Karamba Diaby, Afro German politician. Member of the Bundestag.
    Charles M. Huber, Afro German politician. Member of the Bundestag.

Art, culture, and music

The cultural life of Afro-Germans has great variety and complexity. With the emergence of MTV and Viva, the popularity of American pop culture promoted Afro-German representation in German media and culture.

Afro-German musicians include:

    Adé Bantu
    Cassandra Steen
    J. Cole
    Deso Dogg
    Francisca Urio
    Jessica Wahls
    Joy Denalane
    Lou Bega
    Mark Medlock
    Meshell Ndegeocello
    Nana (rapper)
    Patrice Bart-Williams
    Roberto Blanco
    Rob Pilatus
    Samy Deluxe

Logo of SFD - Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland

The SFD - Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland (Black Artists in German Film, literally Black Filmmakers in Germany) is a professional association based in Berlin for directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors who are Afro-Germans or of Black African origin and living in Germany. They have organized the “New Perspectives” series at the Berlinale film festival.[2]

Afro-Germans in film include:

    Araba Walton
    Carol Campbell (actress)
    Günther Kaufmann
    Nisma Cherrat (actress)


    Richard Adjei, member of the German bobsleigh team
    Dennis Aogo, footballer
    Stephen Arigbabu, basketball player
    Gerald Asamoah, footballer
    Collin Benjamin, footballer
    Jérôme Boateng, footballer
    John Brooks, footballer
    Sidney Sam, footballer
    Francis Bugri, footballer
    Cacau, footballer
    Timothy Chandler, footballer
    Marvin Compper, footballer
    Bakary Diakite, footballer
    Chinedu Ede, footballer
    Florence Ekpo-Umoh, athlete
    Kamghe Gaba, athlete
    Robert Garrett, basketball player
    Julian Green, footballer
    Demond Greene, basketball player
    Misan Haldin, basketball player
    Elias Harris, basketball player
    Jimmy Hartwig, footballer
    Raphael Holzdeppe, pole vaulter
    Fabian Johnson, footballer
    Jermaine Jones, footballer
    Steffi Jones, footballer
    Alex King, basketball player
    Linda Kisabaka, athlete
    Erwin Kostedde, footballer
    Mohammed Lartey, footballer
    Andrej Mangold, basketball player
    David McCray, basketball player
    Amewu Mensah, athlete
    Jean-Claude Mpassy, footballer
    Sabrina Mulrain, athlete
    David Odonkor, footballer
    Akwasi Oduro, footballer
    Ademola Okulaja, basketball player
    Navina Omilade, footballer
    Patrick Owomoyela, footballer
    Kofi Amoah Prah, athlete
    Antonio Rüdiger, footballer
    Célia Šašić, footballer
    Dennis Schröder, basketball player
    Leyti Seck, alpine skier
    Lennard Sowah, footballer
    Richard Sukuta-Pasu, footballer
    Robin Szolkowy, figure skater
    Assimiou Touré, footballer
    Akeem Vargas, basketball player
    Reinhold Yabo, footballer
    Michael Zimmer, footballer
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Haymes Notes

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