Milwaukee Is An Environmentalist’s Paradise in the Summer

There are a myriad of wonderful experiences awaiting anyone
From beyond Milwaukee’s borders who would like to hasten the day
When it becomes apparent to all that Milwaukee had made of itself
The Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas.

Come help us build 10,000 urban farms, community gardens, and edible playgrounds!

Learn about Growing Power, the Urban Ecology Center,
The Milwaukee River Work Group, Wellspring, Walnut Way,
“The Domes,” the Amaranth Bakery and Cafe,
The Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network, and
Hundreds of other manifestations of the movements of our time,
Alive and growing in Milwaukee’s old city and environs.

Here’s the appeal for hosts to barter with green hostlers!

Dear All,

Might any of you know sweet ones of the Holy City
Who would make a room at their home available
To a worthy and pleasing elder or youth
Who would barter gardening, fix-up,
Child care, cooking, boy/girl friday labor
For room and board?

Six Months of Glorious Weather Awaiting Us!

Write for more information about this!

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