Dear Virginia, Curt, Tom, Geoff, Barry, and Steve,

I hope this might spark something good and new! There is a link to a web site that could be used to develop these themes at the end. Cleo Pruitt of Bridge Works and Father Mathi are working with the NAACP around the theme of racial healing and bridges across “lines.” James Carlson and Tegan Dowling of Emergency Digial/Buckworks would offer computer/internet assisted “Idea Spark” gatherings for a theme like this some Sunday afternoon for just one hour.

Mighty Collaborations Between Historic Church Communities and Rainbow Neighborhoods

There are many opportunities for might collaborations to save our priceless heritage of historic churches in rainbow neighbohoods. The key methinks involves social enterprise experiments that find a few leaders of the Church Community make fruitful connections with a few leaders of the rainbow neighborhood around the theme of social enterprise experiments for the good of the Church and the good of the neighborhood.

Start With On-Line Conversations and Small Meetings at Neighborhood Gathering Places

Brainstorm about

  • resources the Church has that can be offered to the neighborhood
  • project experiments that would bring community people to the Church grounds
  • Church membership outreach aspects to this collaboration

One Example: The St. Roberts(Lake Park Lutheran?) Little People’s Basketball Camp

I did this at St. Roberts when my children attended the school. It was designed for children from 1st through 5th grade as a dead of winter activity on Tuesday nights for 1 hour. At the cost of about $150 small basketball hoop structures and small basketballs were purchased. Basketball was envisioned as ballet and tai chi, with each skill taught as art. Brief periods of serious instruction were mixed with periods of running, jumping, throwing, and competing.
The children let off steam while learning skills. Parental volunteers were always forthcoming. The program is now an institution, in its 14th year.

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