Social enterprise is public and private organizations with a clearly articulated “commonwealth vision.”

Milwaukee is transforming itself from a working class to a creative class city of social enterprise. Key to this transformation is the currently sub-optimized labor power of two critical groups, students and elders.

Central also to this transformation is the “sparking of new connections.” There are all kinds of public and private enterprises in Milwaukee which would greatly profit from enhanced connections with one another. The heritage and cultural tourism industry, the neighborhood movement, and Summerfest, for example, could combine around specific, concrete projects for the good of each and all. During 2005 we will be offering evidence of this proposition in a project we’ll call “Summerfest and the Neighborhoods.” This project will aspire to bring resources from the neighborhoods to Summerfest, e.g. Lula’s East African Cafe would be a great hit at Summerfest; and, bring Summerfest resources to the neighborhoods, e.g. there could be a summerfest bus that would take elders from visiting families who have problems with huge crowds to the serenity of the Soldiers Home or a poetry reading at Riverwest’s Timbuktu, while their family enjoys Summerfest’s throng.

SummerfestAndTheNeighborhoods will document this experiment.

MilwaukeeInstituteForSocialEntrepreneurs is a concept meant to inspire some thought and experimental projects aiming to provide real world work experience with course credit for increasing percentages of our highschool and college students.




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