Milwaukee appears well on its way to becoming a world city, harnessing the power of the internet to advance the cause of its families, neighborhoods, and increasingly its rivers and earth. And the cause of peace!

Some of Milwaukee’s heavy lifters in are showing a passionate commitment to democratize, to the fullest extent possible, the internet empowerment of our citizens.

There are people in many groups committed to equip a maximum number of citizens with the hardware and the software necessary to harnes the power of the internet to their personal, family, and partners’ jobs, businesses, and social enterprises.

As Milwaukee and Wisconsin advanced the cause of universal literacy in the 19th century, and a social safety net in the 20th century, Milwaukee will be a vanguard city in connecting an aspiration to universalize internet empowerment with a commitment to sustainable economic development, creative careers and jobs for the people, dismantling the race and ethnic antipathies and injustices of our past, creating some kind of renewal, perhaps a renaissance, in our fair city.

Josephine Hill of the African American Women’s Center has expressed an interest in internet empowerment classes at her center.

Tegan Dowling is available for beginners and middle level wiki web masters.

I will be offering workshops on internet broadcasts to advance your family business or commonwealth cause.

The Day Long Seminar on “Media, Wireless, and You,” was devoted to learning about and brainstorming the best strategies for…

  • Internet Empowerment contributing to
  • Sustainable Development
  • Digital Inclusion
  • WIKI Web Empowerments
  • Maximum Feasible Connectivity for All
  • Milwaukee Leadership in Citywide Wireless Broadband and Network Infrastructure

    • Location, location, connectivity!

A Grand Alliance of the Working Poor, Working Class, Middle Class, and Progressive Gentry of Milwaukee, along with a progressive government rooted in Milwaukee’s social democratic and entreprenerial traditions, is emerging around the great opportunity associated with Milwaukee’s national leadership in network infrastructure for the ditigal century.

Lots of great information was shared regarding Milwaukee blazing trails in the creation of citywide wireless broadband. Randy Gschwind, Chief Information Officer of Milwaukee, impressed all with the opportunity Milwaukeeans have to harness the power of the internet to advance their personal, family, neighborhood, community, and city’s causes. And our nation’s cause. And universal humanity’s cause to boot!

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