This space is dedicated to the memory of James “Lord” Schettl,
One of the finest restoration roofers of my career.

Lord Schettl had a love hate relationship with roofing, roofs, and roofers.
He was an artist and thinker, one of the first counter culture icons of Two Rivers.

He became competent enough in slate, tile, and copper work that David Millen
judged him worthy of being the crew leader of the only Spanish Tile complete retrofit
I took responsibility for, the home of one of the famous Sendeks in Shorewood.

He and I had an outrageous time of it when working together.
Few people in my life had a more biting wit,
Which often got Lord Schettl in trouble.

Here is a song I sang to Lord Schettl, followed by one he responded with to me.

Lord Schettl, Lord Schettl,
Oh He Was A Handsome Guy
And all the girls would sigh
When Lord Schettl sauntered by.

Oh here is a song about Jimmy Godsil
And how mean he was to Lord Schettl,
Who worked everyday and got 2 cuts in pay
And was forced to work in the ghetto.

He was forced to work in the ghetto.

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