325 E. Euclid House of 100 Names

The Euclid House of 100 names began in 2002 as a place for my final lap of child rearing.

Most Current Expression of where you would stay, gratis for a might.



In honor of my Father, Joseph, a tool and die maker, and my Mother, Mary, a wife, rooming house keeper, and child care provider. Neither Mary nor Joe went to high school, but both were what I and Gramsci would call “organic intellectuals.” My father often said back in the 1950s what our most enlightened public minded intellectuals and leaders are saying today, “We must not assume everyone is meant for white collar professions requiring college degrees. There is great dignity in “manual work” pursued as a sacred craft. That is what the I hope this vision of a “Guild House” advances.

First Note Re This Vision

Dear All,

Please forward this to Donnelly Godsil family members whose emails I don’t have.

I am hoping to spend some time with some or all of you some summer moment 2016 or 2017, as guests at my sweet little worker home, in Bay View Milwaukee.

My 325 E. Euclid place is more than a house. That’s a complex story. It’s also a “guild experiment,” inspired by Mary and Joe’s working class roots and lives, and their notions about the dignity of all work, and necessity for skilled and fulfilled artisans.

325 may also become a kind of organizing space for Art History & Ecology Tours like we did at the August 22, 2015 Street Party of 100 Names, including a celebration of my 70th birthday. I would show you some of these sights if you show up.

325 may become a mini hostel for Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network(MUAN) or Sweet Water Agrarian Guild(SWAG) Interns.

The point of this is to invite you and yours to stay for a spell this July and/or August, or June, July, and/or August of 2017.

No charge, compliments of Joseph and Mary Godsil Guild House.


James J. Godsil, ABD, co-founder Sweet Water Organics, Sweet Water Foundation,
Indo American Aquaponics Institute

Sweet Water Community Guild House Tours

The globally celebrated Sweet Water Organics “aquaponics big bang” birthed the Sweet Water Foundation, which

  • birthed the career of Emmanuel Pratt, now a Harvard Loeb Fellow with a year coming up to write “The Book.”

With a focus on aquaponics as the centerpiece of ecological neighborhood transformation.”

From wastes to resources

There grows the neighborhood.

The Harvard Business School used my work as a case study for their MBA program…as “the elder ecopreneur” in the co-founding, along with my young partner, Emmanuel Pratt, of the Sweet Water Foundation.


Emmanuel Pratt’s work has been focused in Chicago.


My work has primarily been in Milwaukee



Godsil@Sweer Water Academy

The tour I am happy to offer is of my distillation of the offerings of the Sweet Water Universe for STEA+M hands on learning, including introductions to aquapons across the region, nationn, and world, and strategies to learn while earning, and win coursework credits for urban ag and aquaponics experiments that not only develop skills and good food for self and others; but also may vitally enhance career pathways.

Yiu might want to bring a laptop if you don’t have a smart phone.

We have many resourced partners to introduce you to.



At the Sweet Water Guild House at 325 E. Euclid Ave. we are developing home and desk top aquaponics herb gardens,
vermiculture and composting R&D, a makers space, and digital conferencing room.

We have contracted with the Milwaukee and Chicago Public Schools to train teachers to develop STEM curriculum, administrative guidelines, install, maintain, and sequentially upgrade aquaponics small world systems.


I’m sorry to require a fee for my time with you of $30 per hour. If you wish, after that, to sign on for other learning options, we can discuss that when we meet.

Feel free to call me at 414 232 1336.

Part of my offering includes connecting you with tour offerings of a large commercial system in our region, and digital introductions to Milwaukee and Chicago teachers in our partnerships.

My eye is on the prize of scaling up aquaponics by scaling out aquaponics…

Aiming for career pathways for “aquapons” who replicate our work with about 30 Milwaukee Chicago schools

To 5% of the world’s schools by 2040…

There are hundreds of careers enbed in this developmental process. And volunteer and intern opportunities as well.

Impressed if you have read all of this,
and very happy to share this wonderful story with you.



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