February 16, 2006

My concept is that the proposal can be applied in other places and with other “nuances” over time. It’s a start toward a “movement,” an eco garden movement.

Should not every major neighborhood in Milwaukee,in every city, every main street, have its eco garden project drawing from some of the items in your proposal appropriate for that specific neighborhood and the drama of the moment?

I think adding new stuff to the web site is of critical importance. The document is a first draft of the concept, a very good first draft, but each new week, each new partner, brings new possibilities.

New information, new people arrive to our fields.

We do our best to creatively and efficiently process, store, analyze, re-combine, and distribute the impact of the new information and new partners.

Adaptively flexible behavior, perfectly pitched for the peculiar contours of the “local eco system” and the fine grained aspects of the “moment.,”

With our various “social minds on line” we can aspire to a level of adaptive flexibility in our joint ventures that does our ancestors proud.

We are standing on the shoulders of heroes and spiritual giants!

We are in the midst of a great orchestration of
10,000 small movements increasingly self-aware
And more mindful of the potential partners predisposed to join in.

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