Milwaukee’s Pabst Brewery complex was almost turned into a suburban mall type project. Preservationists and sustainable development communities partnered to block that and now are working with a developer who appears to be taking our concepts seriously. We have been challenged to recruit the finest minds and stoutest hearts to partner in the transformation of what once was the largest brewery in the world.

We are also seeking partners for the transformation of the Soldiers Home Buildings and Grounds, soon to be on our fair city’s agenda.

I am seeking public/private, for profit/non profit partners for sparking tilapia fish farms in the huge tank buildings which once held beer.

Tilapia are a tasty source of nutrition whose major cost, energy to heat the water, could come from solar, wind mills, and anaerobic digestors.

If you judge these concepts of value, please forward them to your boomer friends considering second or third careers for their “young elder years,” say, from 60 to 80. After 80 they can relax.

For evidence that the most reviled city in the land is in reality on the edge of some kind of renaissance, see

Wind at your back in 2006,

Olde Godsile

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