Dear Valerie,

Good deal! I’m always happy to talk or correspond
With reporters for the excellent “Riverwest Currents.”

My connection with Pieter Godfrey goes back to
A couple of months before 9/11, when the “Sherperd”
Ran a cover story called “Escaped Profesionals,”
Which covered my work as a roofer/restorationists
And that of 3 other carpenters, Erik LIndberg, Dan Merline, and Orich Namacher,
Who, like me, had spent lots of time getting degrees
Designed for white collar “professional” work,
But chose to enter the ranks of artisan restorationists
In Milwaukee the Beautiful.

The article inspired about 40 people to call,
People interested in discovering the good and the bad,
the highs and the lows, of working with their hands
In the restoration industry.

Pieter called for other reasons. He had been in the reclamation world
For 20 years, and was as well an architect and restoration contractor.
He invited me to see his complex and I was swept away by the
Enormity and the brilliance of his life’s work.

I told him I would very much like to learn about his work and his treasures,
And over the past 5 years I have visited Pieter as often as I could,
Both to buy some of his reclaimed materials, but equally important,
To hear him tell stories and spell out his vision.

It was a great day in the life of our fair city
to find 100 people assemble to hear and see the life’s work of Pieter Godfrey.

He is on the edge of history, a visionary in the deepest and fullest sense of the term.

(to be continued).


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