Planetary Brainstorm re Qualitative Transformation of the Great Lakes Region

The Middle Way for the Great Lakes Region

Olde Milwaukee Experiments

Sarah Hall’s Potovoltaic Art Glass for Solar Energy

“Through an integration of art glass, light and photovoltaic we breathe new life into a building. By forging an image with a source of energy we create a powerful story about how we can live in this world: it gives us a chance to dream about who we can be.”

Incorporating colour, light and art and with solar energy inspires us to think about our future in a new context.” Sarah Hall

Alice Waters, Chez Panisse

Chez Panisse, a Berkeley restaurant founded upon Waters’ ecological philosophy and which, nearly thirty years after opening its doors, has been named “The Best Restaurant in America” by both the James Beard Foundation and by Gourmet magazine.

We have been advised to win Alice Waters’ and Sarah Hall’s help for…

Proposal for Milwaukee Eco Village At Pabst Place

Reclaiming the Pabst Complex

Fourth Annual St Patrick’s Day All City Gathering At Timbuktu

Biking the Hoan Bridge as a city resource

Growing Power Anaerobic Digestion Project

Most Worthy Small Businesses

Most Worthy Social Enterprises and Movements

Links for all of the above at…

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