I would say that 98% of your project is complete, God willing.

It is my intuition that [the downspout joint at the elbow should probably be soldered]. This can involve any issues remaining before job defined as “completed.”

It is possible that [every joint of the downspout must be soldered.]
This section describes whatever fine tuning is required.

This is my opinion only.

Water, ice, wood, metal, and drain tiles are quite intricate phenomena, especially when put together with the intention of reaching perfection, or as close to perfection as is reasonable for homo sapiens to expect.
[This section describes the inherent mysteries of whatever trade is involved]

Alas, we must allow the truth its slow time to emerge regarding [the downspouts.] This lets the client know that some time and thought must be given to what remains and that you are prepared to make that investment.

I will welcome a conversation at the job site or on-line with you and whoever Josh chooses to explore this issue with you and me.

I normally hide from the financial issues of Community Roofing and Restoration, Inc. But, in Josh’s absence, I must ask if you can cut into the balance due on the job as high a percentage as you can stand and yet not experience discomfort.

I myself would hope for somewhere around 90% payment until you are satisfied with the downspout issue. If you judge me aiming too high, please let me know what percentage of the balance Josh wrote up for you you would be able to pay with a clear mind. Our cash flow inspires these lines with the intention of getting as many dollars as quickly as is appropriate into our account, so as to pay some higher percentage of the project to Norman, Jack, and, even, D.J.

If you would wish to talk on the phone about this, feel free to call me at 232 1336.

If you would like to meet up to discuss these, it would be my honor to invite you and any of yours that you’d like to raise a toast at Timbuktu, at Center and Booth, in Riverwest, the center of Eastowne.

Clear sailing,
Save the Soldiers Home,
Save the Lakefront,
Try the peanut stew at Timbuktu,


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