I am very interested in contributing toward the emergence of a self-conscious “Great Lakes Culture,” from Toronto the Deluth.

I am doing me best to have on-line conversations and brainstorms with internet empowered Great Lakes activists and culture workers in the “movements” for sustainable development, historic preservation, and reconciliation.

I am writing in hopes of learning about any connections you might have with groups similar to yours in Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and any smaller cities from Toronto to Deluth.

Are there any Great Lakes events or projects or information exchange groups? Are their yahoo groups or wiki web sites?

Bill Sell, myself, Tegan Dowling, James Carlson and others have been exploring the value of “wiki web software” as a means of creating on-line forums, photo essays, documents, and more, for non-profits and small businesses.





We have also experienced the power of a yahoo group for movement organizing, most notably Bay_View_Matters, a 500 member group Bill Sell started about 2 l/2 years ago and continues to moderate brilliantly.

Please let me know if any of this interests you. Or, if you think of people in the emerging “Great Lakes Culture” who might be up for exploring some of these concepts, please forward this to them.

Wind at our backs in 2006,

James J. Godsil

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