Movement Aphorisms

Images from Hafiz and Karen Kolberg in English and Spanish, Feb. 2009

‘’‘Wild companions on a great journey of love

compañeros salvajes en un gran viaje del amor

Ask God for love. You get what you pray for the most

Pida a dios amor. Usted consigue lo que usted ruega para la mayoría

Do not beg, but yell! One thousand suns will rise from the mouth of a single bird

¡No pida, sino grite! Mil soles se levantarán de la boca de un solo pájaro

Two souls kissed in an infinite community of light

Dos almas besadas en una comunidad infinita de luz

Kiss The Friend at your door each morning

Bese Al Amigo en su puerta cada mañana

Riding at the door of your soul

El montar en la puerta de su alma

Guardians of truth and beauty

Guardas de la verdad y de la belleza

Your true royal nature makes you sole heir to the king

Su naturaleza real verdadera le hace al único heredero al rey

The sun and the moon shiver from this potent lover

El sol y la luna tiemblan de este amante potente

Your body is my exquisitely woven shrine

Su cuerpo es mi capilla exquisitamente tejida


Some Images From Rumi in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German

Flower endlessly

flor sin fin

fleur sans fin

fiore infinito

Blume endlos

The Bird of Gnosis Through Enlightenment Fields

El pájaro del Gnosis a través de campos de la aclaración

L’oiseau de la gnosie par des champs d’éclaircissement

L’uccello di Gnosis attraverso i campi di chiarimento

Der Vogel von Gnosis durch Aufklärungs-Felder

I tell you: suns exist

Le digo: los soles existen

Je vous dis : les soleils existent

Lo dico: i soli esistono

Ich erkläre Ihnen: Sonnen existieren

Ludwig Feuerbach, “We are what we eat.”

Slow Food Manifesto on Quiet Material Pleasure

A firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal
folly of Fast Life.

Palagummi Sainath on Journalism Become Stenography to the Powerful

“A lot of what we call journalism is really stenography to the powerful.” - Palagummi Sainath

Aeschylus’ Wisdom Through the Awful Grace of God

In our sleep, when pain which cannot be forgot,
Falls drop by drop like a stain upon the heart
Until in our despair comes wisdom through
The awful grace of God.

Alice Waters Links Food With Human Rights and the Environment

“Food and nourishment are right at the point where human rights and the environment intersect.”

John F. Kennedy on Effort

“One person can make a difference, and every person must try.”

Mohandas Gandhi On Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Emma Goldman on Revolution and Dance

“If I can’t dance, I do not want to be a part of your revolution.”

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