Film on the Founder of the Permaculture Movement

Schlitz Audubon Center Hafiz Poetry Night by Karen Kolberg, Feb. 10th

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. $10 charge

I just booked a Hafiz poetry night at the Schlitz Audubon Center for Feb. 10th (Tues. night) at 7–8:30pm.They charge $10.00 to attend.

Karen Kolberg, Prevention Consultant
6737 W. Washington St.
Suite 2225
West Allis, WI 53214
Phone: 414–256–4817
FAX: 414–302–1021

Planetary Partnerships b/t Sister Cities

Sister Neighborhoods

When a Puerto Rican American Marine Writer Activist Social Enterpriser
And a Sufi Turkish Ph.D. Mentor team up to create a rich exchange project
Between Milwaukee and the Turkish Aegean Region city of Manisa,
It is reasonable to imagine new possibilities for an American “ouverture”
To both the “East” and the “South.”

This past week Bill Sell, Howard Hinterthuer,
Janine Aresenau, Howard Leu, and myself
Met with Robert Miranda and and Suleyman Kurter at Esperanza Unida
To explore widening grass root “green collaborations” not only
Among streams of Milwaukee groups and movements, but also
Between Milwaukee and the citizens of Manisa, Turkey.

Reports of this meeting, and more to come, will appear in this place.

Social Practice in Holy Cities

Sometimes probably better to
Not give a name to a problem.

Just aim to fix it.

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Frontier Cities’ Urban Villages Keep Their Leaves!

Mother earth and the partners who make our soil rich
Would prefer we allow the leaves to fulfill their destiny,
Returning to nourish the earth that
In turn will grow new trees, plants, and flowers!

Save the Leaves!

Bay View, Give Me Your Leaves for You

Bay View!

Keep your lovely
And beneficial leaves
In Bay View!

Give them to your
Community Compost Pile

At the KK River Village Project
Just to the north of Lincoln and
The train tracks Amtrack graces
To connect us with Chicago and beyond.

Call Godsil at 414 232 1336 or e-mail

If you would like to bring your leaves
To the

KK River Village Compost Experiment

Search KK River Village at

For more information.

Viva, the Obama Movement!
Viva, The Movement!
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Elegant Passing

We can probably improve
A bit…

Our passing game.

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The Realm of Use Value Might Expand Exponentially During Obama Era

Community Organizers, Self Reliance, and Community Building:

Beyond the Exchange Economy

If our community organizers, paid and volunteer, do their work this next generation,
More and more “value” will be developed outside the market economy,
Beyond the recording of official job figures and gross national product.

More and more people will be fixing up old homes in our central city,
Growing more and more of their own food,
Victory gardens, small fish farms, small plot intensive…

Walking and riding bikes more and more,
Recycling, keeping things in good use for longer use,
Buying fewer objects at malls and making more things
At home or with neighbors…

With little of this reflected in the exchange of dollars or “consumer purchasing.”

In short, realizing more and more the dreams of American yeoman,
Only the frontier will be our permaculture inspired cities…

Some of our “economic melt down” is the eroding of our manic
Period of consumerism and status mongering.

The cities will be our new frontiers!

We Will Again Becoming a Nation of Producers!

None or not much of this self-and community development
Will be reflected in statistics on “the economy,”
Statistics on “sales” and “unemployment.”

Nor will be mainline media pick up much on this.

The Obama Movement Advances Use Value Exchange

The spirit of cooperation, the “audacity of hope” Obama inspires,
Will find people in the cities working more and more
Across boundaries of identity, occupation, class, religion, ideology, party, etc.

Use value will increasingly trump “exchange value” as a reason to work.
People will make more of what they need,
We will increasingly moderate our “consumer” needs
As we increasingly produce or preserve more and more
Of the means of life.

Community building will increasingly trump
“Atomized” individuals and nuclear families
Money grubbing in the rat race.

We have a president who understands all this.

Thank God!

Infrastructure Investment Stimulus: The Milwaukee Way

The Milwaukee Way is rooted in cooperative based civil society
The has”long duration” Wisconsin roots.

These roots defining “essence” finds mixtures of ancient traditions
From every continent, every major civilization of recorded history.
Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, The Americas…
All are part of the rich soil that is becoming the new Milwaukee.

If we are to invest in taxpayer financed economic stimulus programs,
Let us come together to create projects that make substantial strides
In addressing the enormous challenges of our specific place,
Our Milwaukee.

I propose as a starting point, a conversation on line as to what
Should be the local projects and enterprises constituting our ideas as to

The Best Possible Infrastructure Investment Stimulus for Milwaukee

I propose that Issues of Mind and Spirit
Are worthy starting points for our infrastructure development.

We focus on our civil society infrastructure,
Our commonwealth conceived with an understanding
Of ourselves as capable of combining our resources
In expanding and depthening circles of exchange
For self-reliance and community building.

Not just concrete, roads and bridges for cars
As our first notion of infrastructure stimulus projects…

But of perhaps greater importance as “infrastructure,”

The spirit of our people,

Our readiness to invest time and energy

On adaptations to new challenges, self-organizing projects,

Of personal and public value, forging new partnerships and experiments,

Readiness to work as part of a team for commonwealth and personal wealth goals.

Sometime over the next 37 years,
I would very much appreciate your response
To these ideas that have shown up!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Infrastructure Investment Stimulus: Some Milwaukee Ways

Infrastructure For great cities
Involves issues of mind and geart…

Not just brick and mortar!

Great minds and great hearts
Co-create great cities!

Infrastructure investments to advance
Mind and heat,
Self and community.

Milwaukee Way Infrastructure Investment Projects

These “Milwaukee Way” projects merit consideration for inclusion in
Infrastructure investment stimulus programs:

  • Neighborhood Food and Cafe Cooperatives and Commonwealth Institutions, e.g. Riverwest Co-op, Walnut Way, Growing Power, Groundworks, Faith and School Based Edible Playgrounds, Food Preparation/Edible Playground Training in Church/School Cafeterias

  • Green Mainstreet Enterprises, e.g. Amaranth, Future Green, Community Growers, Pragmatic Construction, Pietre Godfrey Reclamation, Fair Trade Stores

  • Community Food Centers, e.g. Growing Power, Walnut Way, UW-Extension at Amaranth

  • Community Health Centers and Cottage Offices, e.g. Core el Centro, Omni Family Services, home-based therapists and wholistic healers

  • Neighborhood Investment and Micro-Lending Projects, e.g. Riverwest Neighborhood Association, Grameen Bank

  • Artist, Artisan, Urban Farmer Networks, e.g. Community Roofing & Restoration, Community Building and Restoration, Community Growers, Growing Power, Michael Fields, Wellspring, Outpost Natural Foods

  • “Energy Engineers,” e.g. Swedish MSOE Classes, Chicago/Miwlaukee Geothermal Project Partnerships, alternative fuels and energyh pioneering companies and organizations

  • Information Society Resources, e.g. Urban Ecology Center, People’s Book Co-op, Broad Vocabulary Bookstore, Faith Community Sustainable Development Projects, University Community Partnerships

  • New Transportation Systems for New Urban Neighborhoods, e.g. public transit, private transit innovations, e.g. bikes, pedicabs

  • Community Organizing Networks, e.g. Riverwest Currents, Milwaukee Renaissance, Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network, St. Patric @Timbuktu, Blueberry Pancake Projects
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