This page is for the finest artist artisan Milwaukee has produced in my generation. Norman Dunkelberger is an artist. He is an artisan. I am hoping that he will use this space to introduce us to his work, both in the realm of theory and in the realm of artistic productions.

Voltaire is one of Norman’s favorite philosophers. Here is a Voltaire statement that expresses Norman’s essence:

…the safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience.
‘el curso más seguro es no hacer nada contra su conciencia.’

With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death.
‘Con este secreto, no podemos gozar de vida y tener ningún miedo de la muerte.’

Norman wants us all to know: There is no such thing in this mortal realm as a safe course.” This is based on the dangers Norman and all restoration artisans face in his capacity as a restoration artisan on two and three story homes.

Dunkelberger Reflections

Here are some specs Norman and I came up with, with me doing the Boswell job, Norman as Dr. Johnson.

Specs for Built In Gutter Project 2005

remove existing built-in gutter. This is not so easy given that the shingles above the built-in gutter may be damaged, even if the artisan is flawless in his motions. The shingles may be pretty dried up or stuck together. A pry bar must reach the nails on the shingles above the last one removed, which operation stresses the existing shingles. There is also a challenge to the wood that houses the built-in gutter copper or galvanized metal.

reconstruct eaves to house the new gutter piece. This can be like putting an old piano together again. After 70 plus years and who knows how many years of moisture entry, the boards may be rotted or rotting, split and broken, missing, and usually no longer slanted to drain the water toward the down spout. In this instance, the bottom board needs replacing. Repairs may be needed on the “inside soffit board,” the support rafters, and the “lower support board.” The existing gutter is very shallow, and it might make sense to reconfigure the carpentry to allow for a deeper gutter. “Repairs,” in contrast to “replace,” means the application of epoxies to rebuild what are sometimes irreplaceable pieces.

fabricate new gutters. 16 oz. copper with soldered seams, using copper nails, to include a new copper downspout. Does the artisan have the focus and comprehension to solder seams so they last for 50 years? And, if there is some deviation from perfection that finds a seam needing upgrading, is the artisan of such a character as to show up a year or more later?

reconstructing the roof above the gutters, which will have a flange at least 5 inches up on to the roof itself. The roof will be surfaced with ice and water shield underlayment prior to shingles being re-installed. It is possible that some of the old shingles will be damaged. Hopefully you have the exact replacements in your garage or the shingles will not torture us as we seek new ones to match.

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