Dear Josh, Ryan, John, Mark, Linda, and Jan,

Josh, Mark, Linda, and Jan—Ryan and John aspire to meet with the school principal of Norris School and the executive director of the Norris Academy as early as the Lincoln Day Brad Minton Tour I am promoting…

with a documentation of the vision and resources the Journey House CDA can provide the Norris Community

Ryan and John—I have made a commitment to work with Josh, Mark, Linda, and ideally Jan… and families with members on the spectrum to advance vision of a circle of care for spectrum family members once they are adults.

The vision of a construction and design academy and a circle of care for spectrum adults is complimentary in my minds eye…but only if we make it complimentary.

I can easily envision a “desk” for both communities in the Castle I aspire to help save(like we did the Soldiers Home!)

I can see gatherings for sharing food grown in complimentary gardens and mini farms
in this room…

From these fields…500 acres of them now rented out

I can see a regional, national, and global hostel for green work tourism in this now empty dorm…

I can see our respective communities enjoying the 25 miles of nature trails through 100 acres of forest, and/or the 23 sailboats on numerous leaks…

Not only are there an amazing amount of resources to be harvested in cooperation with the Norris Academy, CDA, and the Spectrum Community…there is room, with the right collaboration design, for other enterprises and people to optimally share this unknown treasure, in a cascade of win win experiments we can spark.

The Sweet Water Foundation will be launching the Sweet Water Academy from the Chicago center. I am hoping to widen our reach in collaboration with the SWA mentors, fellows, and apprentices, as well as the partners of the Worm Farm Institute.

Why not?

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Courtney and I will be chronicling the story of the Norris Academy exploring collaboration with new partners in Chicago and Wisconsin, for starters.

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