November, 2005

Dear All,

Would it not be great for Milwaukee
To find Mayor Barrett visiting Will Allen
At the Milwaukee Growing Power Farm,
Which, with some help from the Ford Foundation,
Is making Milwaukee famous for a
Unique contribution to sustainable development,
Self reliance, and community building…

City Farming!

City Farming and China!

Growing Power Demonstration Projects
In every city school!

What a wonderful set of images
Our citizen t.v. viewers could witness
As Our Mayor visits with Our Farmer.

Will Allen is hosting workshops for the nation
At Growing Power this winter.

Why not some help promoting these workshops locally,
So our citizens can become city farmers too.

It could be that Will’s marriage of
Deep tradition and high tech organic farming
Might set the stage for a fruitful exchange
On urban farming with the great Chinese nation
And our new sister city in China.

It is easy to imagine Mayor Barrett and Farmer Will Allen
Cutting some ribbons at the

Growing Power Farm at Milwaukee’s Soldiers Home,
Say, around 2008?

I want our Mayor to be a ribbon cutting Mayor
For Milwaukee Renaissance Moments!

What kind of image would that convey
to the wider world, for
Milwaukee the Beautiful?


Next Tour: This Monday

 4 to 6 p.m.,

55th & Silver Spring

 Nov. 14th
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