Here is a place to store information and images that grow from an international on-line brainstorming about the best way to provide water for our urban and family farms, community and rooftop gardens, and edible playgrounds.

Howard Hinterthuer Suggests Connection w. Israel, Foot Pump, And More

No doubt, but you might also look for expertise in Israel. The climate there makes water conservation and management an art. My understanding is that roofs are desert-like as well, so the issue is both delivering the water to the roots in such a way as to minimize evaporation from the soil. A drip system is the ticket.

Here are my thoughts: It would be most efficient to use a hand or foot pump (the Urban Ecology Center has a source for foot pumps) to pump collected rainwater up to a head tank/reservoir higher that the roof top planters. From that head tank use IV tubing and drip controls to carry the water (compost tea) directly to the base of the plants.

Electronic controls that detect the absence of moisture would be the next step. They could signal the valves to open. That way the system wouldn’t be wasting water when there has been abundant rain. However an automated system would come at a possibly high cost dollar-wise. Unless it is also glitch-proof it may require babysitting as well.


Grigori Lishanski’s Battery Powered Pumps

This letter to a number of list serves has sparked enough response to inspire this wiki based collaborative website you are invited to help develop. There are many topics worthy of discussion in addition to battery powered pumps. Share you ideas with an e-mail to

Grigori Lishanski, Ph.D., is a physicist/inventor with some new patents on
battery powered pumps.

I introduced him to my garage roof food garden to find out what it would
cost for one of his pumps and an irrigation system that would enable me to
program things so a certain amount of water is pumped to my growing bins at
a certain time of the day, in certain quantities, specific for each type

“No problem,” he said.

When I asked if his battery powered pumping systems could be linked with
solar-derived energy he also said, “No problem.”

If anyone is interested in some brainstorming around the issue of
“permaculture irrigation systems” please send an e-mail to

Viva, perfect allocation of water to roof top food gardens!

Responses To Letter re Battery Powered Pumps

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