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April, 2005

MIAD Seniors

Dear Somchanh,

I saw your excellent exhibit last night at MIAD but was unable to introduce myself.

I hope you can find time to visit Bucketworks at 1319 N. Martin Luther King Dr. and meet James Carlson and Tegan Dowling.

Bucketworks has internet resources and connections in the metro area that might serve you well.
I am a promoter of “Knowledge Workers,” of whom you brilliantly number. Bucketworks is one of my best resources for promoting my clients.

Please see and check the Milwiki area which would find them helping you develop a web site; “Idea Spark,” which would find them helping you brainstorm with allies and possible partners.

You can learn about me at, p. 11 is an article from the “Bay View Compass” about my work.


Best of luck. I would love to follow your career. If you would like to be “published,” check this on-line Journal out and know that I would very gladly offer you a platform here.


Promoter of Knoweldge Workers
Artists, and Artisans

Note: my main business since 1975 has been

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