Dear Ellen,

Might you tell us what exactly is a rain garden?

Why are you suggesting that people in Milwaukee develop rain gardens?

Are there different kinds of rain gardens?

Do you handle everything or would you allow your clients to participate in the hands-on part of the project?

Clear sailing,


With your permission I would like to do my best to win some nice media stories about you all and your fine work.

I have about 50 reporters in an address book who have been receiving my “broadcasts” for as many as 4 years now. In this past year my on-line broadcasts have sparked the mainline press into focusing on the Save the Soldiers Home “Movement” and of late the Pabst City development.
Timbuktu, River Ctiy Woodworking, and Community Builders Group have found media attention with the internet connection a major factor.

I would like to send out some very short messages to these reporters, but only with your ok for that.

My “commission” for this work can be whatever you and your associates determine it’s worth after a few months at most a year.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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