Bridie Godsil Gathering Wood Chips at City Yard

Godsil perfect daughter Bridie
Shoveling wood chips into
Two Girls & a Truck pick-up
For use in composting for family worms
And controlling the aroma of the
Brewers’ mash breaking down.

It’s a musky aroma that bothers

Industrialized consumer society normals.
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Web Site Devoted to Growing Worms!

I have been growing worms as a hobby since 1998.
And I have set up a website with my experiences.
Have a look, it may answer some of your queries.

You can also contact me at:
Subject line: Worminfo

Good luck with your venture,
Hanshendrik Harmsen,
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Red Wrigglers From Growing Power Thrive Inside and Outside, Winter 2007/2008

I was like an anxious parent adopting a child leading up to the moment I squirreled up the courage to ask Will Allen for some Growing Power red wriggler worms around January 2007. I had been witnessing the Will Allen and Growing Power miracle for a couple of years, had witnessed Will explain the story of vermiculture and fertile soil development, did some volunteer work moving compost, attended some workshops, and had been collecting buckets of coffee grounds, brewers mash, wood chips, and veggie wastes in the several weeks leading up to the moment I was given the sacred worms.

I was worried that I might prove an unworthy parent for these glorious, exotic creatures. True, I had played a very active part in raising 4 of my own children. I had sufficient success in other life realms to suggest I could keep Will’s worms alive. But, only one other person I knew, Bob Graf, had become foster parent in a city home to thousands of red wriggler worms.
So the evening I brough my worms home, I invited Bob Graf, Andor Horvath, Charlie Benke, and Sky Schultz, all very wise in the ways of soil, worms, and plants, to share knowledge and food at my Euclid House micro-farm experiment. And they did!

I am thrilled to announce, today, about a year later, that my worms survived and thrived in the basement and in outdoor compost piles during the winter of 2007/2008. Here are some folk photos of this welcome development, with a question I hope you’ll answer at the end.

Outside Compost Pile

Worms From Warm Enough Center of Compost Pile

Dozens Of Tiny Newly Hatched Basement Worms

In Five Gallon Greenhouse Pails How Cold at Night Allowed?

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